Customer Question:

Out of all of EasyCare’s pleasure riding boots, I like the look of the Back Country and the Sneaker the best. Which of these would be best for my horse? I typically go on a trail ride once or twice a week, and my horse gets turned out daily in a rocky paddock, so I would like to get some boots that he could wear on rides and when he’s turned out.


Both the Easyboot Back Country and the Easyboot Sneaker are good for trail riding, and both can be used for turnout.

First, we recommend measuring your horse’s hooves. (Check out this post and video if you need help measuring!) Both the Back Country and the Sneaker have two sizing charts to accommodate both a rounder and a more oval hoof. However, based on your horse’s hoof measurements, one style may be ruled out completely. For example, the Sneaker can fit a larger hoof than the Back Country.

Second, how would you describe your typical trail ride? Casual and easy? Or longer and through more challenging terrain?

Easyboot Sneaker

The Easyboot Sneaker is the more pliable hoof boot, designed to give the hoof maximum flexibility. The sole is made of a blend of rubber and urethane, which absorbs shock, wears well, and allows for maximum hoof mechanism. The Sneaker is a great hoof boot for pleasure riders, turnout, and some therapy uses.

Application and removal of the Easyboot Sneaker is simple with the large, overlapping hook-and-loop upper pattern, which keeps the boot secure while the horse is in motion. The snug strap across the front of the boot is available as a replacement part.

The Easyboot Sneaker is available in both regular and narrow patterns to ensure proper fit and function.

Easyboot Back Country

The Back Country was designed to utilize the same urethane base, with the same tread pattern, as the Easyboot Glove and the Easyboot Glue-On. It can be used in rougher conditions and it can handle more mileage, which is why it can be used as a performance boot, as well as a pleasure riding boot.

The Easyboot Back Country is designed to fit snugly so that it will stay secure through even the most challenging terrain. The Comfort Gup Gaiter is a unique feature of this boot. It cups and protects the back of the pastern and helps make the boot more comfortable for more mileage. All parts of this boot are replaceable.

The Back Country is available in both regular and wide patterns to ensure proper fit and function.


Depending on your horse’s hoof measurements and the type of trail ride you typically do, either style could suit your horse well. If your horse’s hooves look like they would fit well in both styles, we would recommend the Sneaker if your rides are shorter and casual, and the Back Country only if you and your horse enjoy a long, challenging trail ride.

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