The Easyboot Sneaker is grouped under our Pleasure Riding category. With its detailed tread pattern, the Sneaker is proven to provide great traction on the trail. Did you know that the Sneaker serves many other purposes beyond pleasure riding? Here are a few situations where the Easyboot Sneaker may be able to help your horse.

1. Therapy purposes. The Easyboot Sneaker can double as a therapy boot for some situations. The Sneaker is available in both regular and narrow sizing, allowing it to fit a variety of hoof shapes. A Comfort Pad of any density can be added to provide comfort and support. We recommend adding a soft pad if your horse needs maximum comfort. The addition of a pad allows the Sneaker to be used for standing on hard surfaces or even for trailering.

2. Keeping the hoof clean and dry. If you want to keep your horse’s hooves clean before the farrier visits, try the Sneaker. The Sneaker can be used in the stall and turnout, so your horse can be ready to go when the farrier arrives.

3. Help hoof wraps stay on securely. When using vet wrap to treat an abscess, thrush, or a stone bruise, you can use the Sneaker to ensure the wraps stay clean and dry. No more worrying about losing your wrap in the paddock!

4. Provide protection after losing a shoe. No need to panic if your horse throws a shoe. Apply the Sneaker until your farrier can reapply the shoe to prevent any cracks or soreness.

5. Working in the arena. The Sneaker can also be used for flatting or jumping. The Sneaker performs well on grass or stone dust. For extra support for riding, we recommend adding a firm Comfort Pad to the boot.

These are a few of the many functions the Easyboot Sneaker has to offer. While the Sneaker is excellent for trail riding, it can also be used in the arena, for therapy purposes, and for turnout. How do you use the Easyboot Sneaker for your horse?