Written by EasyCare Product Specialist Jordan Anderson

The Easyboot Back Country and the Easyboot Glove Soft are often compared because they have the same base. Both styles are built on the Easyboot Glue-On shell. They do serve different functions, though, and one might be more suited for your horse than the other. Let’s look at the similarities and differences between these two boots.


-Both boots have the same base, which means they have the same sizing chart and offer the same breakover.

-Both come in regular and wide sizing options to fit more oval or more round hooves.

-Both of these boots can be used in a turn out situation, although it is better to put a bell boot over the Glove to protect the gaiter if you are going to turn your horse out in it.

-Both can accommodate comfort pads. With the Glove, though, we don’t recommend using the thicker (12mm) pad.

All parts are sold for individual replacement. You can even swap out the parts on your Glove Soft shell to create a Back Country, or vice versa.


Back Country

-We typically recommend selecting the half size up from where your horse’s hoof measurements fall on the size chart for this style.

-This makes the boot easier to apply, and grants a little wiggle room to accommodate a longer trim cycle, roughly 6-7 weeks.

-The way the Upper covers and tightens around the hoof allows for some adjustability in fit.

-This boot is rated for 50 miles per week, on average.

-Debris could potentially get caught in this boot through the opening on top, even though it is pretty snug.

Glove Soft

-This style needs a perfect fit, as there is no adjustability. It requires a 4-week (or less) trimming cycle.

-As slim-fitting as they come.

-Rated for unlimited mileage.

-Difficult for debris to get caught in this boot, as there shouldn’t be any gaps or openings if the fit is right.

Both of these boots will work in a wide variety of settings and terrain. Which one will work better for you and your horse?