When looking for a new performance hoof boot, the options can seem overwhelming. EasyCare always recommends asking yourself a few important questions that will narrow down your options and help make your decision more clear.

  1. How much hand strength and maneuvering are you able and willing to employ each time you apply or remove your horse’s boots?

  2. What are the width and length measurements of each hoof? (Click here for measuring help.) What is the shape of your horse’s hoof? Are the hooves more round or more oval? Do they have high heels or low heels?

  3. How much adjustability do you need in a hoof boot?

  4. How many miles per week do you typically ride? How long do your rides typically last?

  5. Do you encounter a lot of mud or water?

  6. Do you want a form-fitting boot, or is a full coverage boot that may be a bit bulkier ok?

All good questions that you need to ask yourself before looking at any hoof boots.

Performance boots are nice because they are form-fitting around the hoof, not bulky at all, and are often well suited for high-mileage rides. This means they can be a great option for a variety of situations.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to focus on performance boots, in particular, choosing just one style can be still be difficult as many of them may seem quite similar to one another.

Let’s look at the differences and similarities between two of EasyCare’s most popular performance boots, the Easyboot Epic and the Easyboot Glove Soft.


-Both are slim-fitting boots with a urethane shell around the hoof and a gaiter that wraps around the pastern.

-Both are rated for unlimited mileage because they are unlikely to rub or irritate the horse.

-Both prevent most debris from getting inside the boot.

From The Horse's Mouth: Update from Canada. Easyboot Epics with studs on snow and ice

-Both have the same tread pattern, which has been proven to offer good traction in a wide variety of terrains and riding conditions.

-Both work well with added Ice Studs or Quick Studs.

-All parts are replaceable on both both styles.

-Both can accommodate a 6mm Comfort Pad.


Easyboot Epic:

Easyboot Epic - Product Spotlight - EasyCare Hoof Boot News

The Epic offers adjustability in fit through its cable and buckle system on the front of the boot. It works well to better fit a variety of hoof angles.

The Epic comes in one style, with one sizing chart.

-Some hand strength is required for both application and removal.

The Epic will typically fit well throughout a seven or eight week trimming cycle.

-Can fit well over a traditional shoe. (*We do have many customers who prefer to keep their horses in traditional shoes, and to put Easyboots on over them for a variety of reasons. Just keep in mind that using any Easyboot over a traditional shoe does void our 45 Day Guarantee.)

Easyboot Glove Soft:

The Glove Soft offers our most simple, streamlined design. It has minimal parts and hardware (although you can add a power strap for a tighter fit).

The Glove Soft comes in two styles, with a Regular and a Wide sizing chart.

The Glove Soft only fits a very specific hoof shape, with a very narrow margin of error in width and length. It is not an option for all horses.

The Glove Soft works best with a four week trimming cycle.

The Glove Soft is simple to apply, but does require some hand strength and maneuvering because of its snug design.

Both the Easyboot Glove Soft and Easyboot Epic would be a great option for a rider who wants a slim-fitting, lightweight boot with a secure fit. Both of these styles come with some pros and cons that should be weighed by the individual before purchasing. Hopefully this information helps you make a more informed decision on which boot might be right for you.

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