Getting accurate length and width measurements of each of your horse’s hooves is the most important task to do before you select your first pair or a new style of Easyboots.

A ruler or tape-measure that’s sturdy and easy to read will really help in this process.

The Product Specialist team here at EasyCare wanted to shoot this quick video showing how you can get accurate measurements.

Measuring the widest point of the hoof is pretty straightforward.

Measuring the length is a little trickier. We suggest measuring from the tip of the toe to the buttress line.

Where is the buttress line? What if my horse’s hooves don’t have a clear buttress line?

The buttress line is where the weight-bearing portion of the hoof ends, back towards the heel. The weight-bearing portion of the hoof is what we want to measure to fit into the sole of the Easyboot. Look at the bottom/back of the frog, and look at where the hoof wall ends as it comes around either side of the hoof. These are good indicators of where you’ll find your length measurement at that buttress line.

Check out our website for more details on how to measure, as well as to fill out our Fitting Assistant form for help selecting the right size from the Product Specialists!