Written by EasyCare Product Specialist Jordan Anderson

When selecting a new hoof boot, it is important to look at the features of the boot as well as the sizing to determine which styles might work best for you and your horse. Sizing is the biggest determining factor for boot selection. The second factor is the length of the  trimming cycle, and the third factor is application (how you’re planning to use the boots).

When looking at a form-fitting performance boot, there are two main options to consider, the Easyboot Glove Soft and the Easyboot Fury Sling.


-Both of these boots have a snug and slim fit around the hoof wall.

-They are unlikely to rub and can take a lot of mileage.

-Both of these boots were designed to be used without padding, but they can accommodate a 6mm comfort pad without affecting the fit too much.

-Both can accommodate Quick Studs or Ice Studs for extra traction.

-Both can be ridden in a variety of riding conditions, including water, sand, mud, or snow.


Glove Soft

-Has two pieces, the shell and the gaiter. Each piece is replaceable individually. Three screws secure the gaiter to the shell, and extra screws are available separately, as well.

-Not very forgiving in fit. Requires a 4-week (or less) trimming cycle.

-Comes in regular or wide sizing patterns.

– Not much adjustability in fit. A Power Strap can be added to create a tighter fit.

-The shell of the boot is flexible. It will stretch out a little and mold to the hoof over time, so a new boot won’t fit the same as a well-used boot.

Fury Sling

-The length and height of this boot can be adjusted to create a customized fit.

-More forgiving in fit, as it is adjustable, and can accommodate difficult-to-fit hoof shapes.

-Requires more set up, initially, as you must adjust it to best fit your horse’s hooves. Once you have it set, the screws can be locked in place for easy on and off.

-Can accommodate a variety of trimming cycle lengths.

-Aggressive tread pattern and hard sole that prevents the shell from stretching out.

All pieces sold individually, but it’s more pieces and more hardware to put together.


The Glove design has been one of our more popular boot options since 2009, when it was first released. However, it does demand a shorter trimming cycle and a very specific hoof shape to get that perfect fit. The Fury Sling may be a great alterative for horses with higher heels or longer feet.

Both boots offer a lot of great features, but are not always right in every situation. Hopefully this information allows you to make a better decision for you and your horse. Happy trails!