Easyboot Glove Soft

The Easyboot Glove 50 is the newest addition to EasyCare’s performance hoof boot line. Many of our customers already know and love the Easyboot Glove Soft, which may leave you may be wondering what the difference is between the two styles.

The Glove 50 has been constructed on the same shell that forms the base of the Easyboot Glove Soft, Easyboot Back Country, and Easyboot Glue-On. The Glove 50 offers a couple of new design features to add to the versatility of this boot style. While the Glove Soft and Glove 50 possess many of the same great qualities, let’s also look at what it is that sets these two boot styles apart.

Easyboot Glove 50

What’s The Same?

Fit- The sizing of the Glove 50 is identical to the sizing of the Glove Soft. The sizes all fall into the same numerical ranges. As with the Glove Soft, the shell should fit on the hoof securely at all gaits without twisting. The right fit will make a world of a difference with your success in using these boots. We always strongly recommend ordering a Fit Kit for any of our Glove boots in order to ensure you find the right fit for your horse.

Durability- Much like the Glove Soft, the Glove 50 has been tried and tested over many miles of rough terrain for a little over two years now. It has been proven to excel in endurance, as well as trail riding. It will stay secure through rocks, sandy/muddy conditions, and at high speeds.

Maintenance- All parts of the Glove 50 are easily replaceable and can be purchased individually to get the most wear and longevity out of the boots.

Easyboot Glove 50


What’s Different?

Closure System- The fabric, hook-and-loop gaiter of the Glove Soft is replaced with a front strap and urethane heel sling covered in high-end neoprene. The front closure system secures over the top of the hoof and integrates the feature of a built-in power strap. The front strap and heel sling help keep the heel inside of the boot. This strap system also reduces the chance that mud and grass might get caught in the closure.

Shell- You might be thinking, “Wait, you said it was the same?” The mold for the Glove 50 shells was modified to be slightly thicker in order to support the new tension mechanism and accommodate the new hardware. This modification will prevent the screws and t-nuts from pulling through the shell. The difference is minor, but it is the reason that we do not recommend applying Glove 50 accessories to your older Glove Soft shell.

Easyboot Glove Soft

Hardware Placement- The Glove 50 has two attachment points in the front of the boot and one in the back. There is no hardware on the sides of the boot, which minimizes the chances of the inside screws catching as a horse is moving in them.

Adjustable Heel- The height of the heel on the Glove 50 can be lowered around 5-6 mm to offer a more customized fit. After removing the back screw, there is a dimple that can be punched through to make this adjustment to the boot. Horses with high heels are not typically great candidates for this boot style, unfortunately.

Let us know if you’ve tried both the Glove Soft and the Glove 50! What did you think? Which style do you prefer?


  1. I was just reading about the Glove 50 and wondered about the button part! Arthritic fingers with challenged grip!

    The Velcro on my Glove gaitors is the thing that wears out. It looked like the 50’s may have resolved that issue?

  2. My mare wears the glove soft. And I have tried the glove 50, I do prefer the glove 50, but I have a great deal of trouble doing up the side straps, they take me ages, sometimes I just give up
    Any recommendations welcome.

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