5 Reasons to Own a Stowaway (or Gift One for Christmas)

Fortunately, we horse people always seem to be the easiest to buy for: lavish leather halters, gaudy t-shirts, new riding gear, bridal charms, or home décor; the items adorned in “horse” never ends. Our favorite gifts, of any genre, are the ones we will never again be able to go without. Want to give the gift that keeps on giving this year? Here are 5 reasons every horse person you know needs a Stowaway saddle pack.

1. Ride prepared and stay organized on the trail: The compartmentalization of each Stowaway is intuitive. The design of each pack is thought out in a way to allow for maximum storage while still keeping all items tidy.

2. Fits all your saddles: The Deluxe Stowaway styles are intended to fit a variety of saddle types. Both the Deluxe Pommel Stowaway and the Deluxe Stowaway (attaches to the cantle) are the most versatile packs on the market. The ways in which the straps are enabled to attach to a saddle are nearly endless.

3. Durable: The Stowaway Packs are a favorite among endurance and rugged trail riders. You can expect your Stowaway to accompany you for many, many riding adventures. The material uses no-rip technology that will not snag and is water-resistant.

4. Variety of colors and styles: Choose a style that best matches your riding needs and then pick a color to pull your tack set together.

5. Bounce-free and quiet: No jostling of trail snacks or drinks. No irritating clinks or clamors.

To find out more, call us today or check out the available styles here.

Mariah Reeves

easycare-customer service-mariah

Customer Service

My focus is on educating myself relating to all things hoof and horse care to customize your EasyCare product experience. Each customer interaction is an opportunity to enhance another equestrian lifestyle.

Old Mac's to New Mac Why? Explaining the Changes and Improvements

We have had many customers and dealers ask why we have made changes to the Old Mac's G2 and released the New Mac product line. The majority of the changes have come from customer feedback and looking at product that has come back in a damaged state. Horses are very hard on hoof protection and returns and damaged product is the best place to start when looking to improve a product line.  

New Mac boots in the early testing

EasyCare purchased the Old Mac's product line, patents and inventory in 2005. We quickly updated the design from the original Old Mac's to the Old Mac's G2. The G2 was a very successful boot over the years but we decided to upgrade the boot in 2014 and make improvements based on nine years of consumer feedback. The goal was to improve on all the small things that cause the boot to be returned.

Although the Old Mac's G2 was a great product many of the parts and straps were not replaceable.

1.  Name Change from Old Mac's to New Mac. We inherited a boot name that is grammatically incorrect. Not sure how or why it was called the Old Mac's but the 's is incorrect "The apostrophe is used for two reasons: to show that certain letters in a contraction are missing, and to indicate ownership. The rules for apostrophes vary with the type of word. Apostrophes help make your writing clear and short." The name change to New Mac makes it grammatically correct and shows the horse world that the design has been updated.

2.  Front Shield. The Old Mac's design had a great deal of cordura and wore with time. The New Mac has a much more robust front and side shield that helps the longevity of the boot. The Color is added from the inside and can be tweaked, changed or updated for small custom production runs.  

3.  Outer Straps. The Outer straps on the Old Mac's G2 were sewn into place. If a strap was damaged in use the whole boot had to be scrapped. In addition the strap had a buckle that was sewn and permanently attached. The New Mac has straps that can be replaced and or reversed.  

The Outer and Inner Strap on the New Mac is quickly replaceable.

4.  Inner Strap. The Inner strap on the Old Mac's G2 was also permanent. The inner strap on the New Mac can be replaced by the consumer as it wears. The inner strap has also been replaced with tubular webbing that does not have an edge.  

5.  Incorporated Gaiter. The inside of the New Mac has been replaced with a softer material that doubles as a gaiter.  

The New Mac has been very well received and is holding up well. Strap failures can easily be fixed in the field to eliminate down time. We will continue to monitor this product line and will make running changes as we see areas we can improve.  

Hank Blum IV, Director of Sales

Infographic: New Mac Versus 2015 Trail

You've probably seen EasyCare's latest enhancements to the New Mac and Trail boot. These boots now present increased durability and comfort for the horse. The updates include:

• A neoprene gaiter incorporated into the structure of the boot to prevent rubbing and chaffing
• Larger rivets for enhanced durability
• Velcro strap across the Velcro closure at the back of the boot for increased security
• Replaceable parts

These boots are similar in many ways. If you’re trying to determine which boot is best for you and your horse, check out our infographic below:

If you have any additional questions, please call EasyCare at (800) 447-8836. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mariah Reeves

easycare-customer service-mariah

Customer Service

My focus is on educating myself relating to all things hoof and horse care to customize your EasyCare product experience. Each customer interaction is an opportunity to enhance another equestrian lifestyle.

On Tour Abroad

My hoof care clinics abroad have become a yearly, sometimes semi-yearly, happening. Most of the time my travels lead me to Europe, but occasionally also to Australia and Canada. This month I'm just returning from a series of seminars in Spain, Catalunya and Germany.

To fill you in, in case you did not follow European News lately: Catalunya, or translated into English, Catalonia, is an autonomous region in the most eastern part of the Iberian peninsula, close to the Pyrenees and bordering France. The population is 7.5 million. The Capital is Barcelona, home of the soccer club FCB that has won the European Soccer League Championship Title many times. Catalunya is now  trying to achieve independence from Spain within the next couple of years. National sentiments and feelings are wide spread among the people, about half of the population favors an independent new country. So to be politically correct and not hurt anybody's feelings, I will refer to the location of my visit as Catalunya instead of Spain.

The new Catalonian National Flag can be seen everywhere.

Barcelona, viewed from the Castello, a vibrant beautiful city with a fascinating history.

Why travel to Europe to conduct hoof care clinics? After all, it is not that the Europeans do not know much about hoof trimming and shoeing. Horses have been used and ridden in Europe for thousands of years, I mean, compared to the USA, these folks there have been around horses and known horses literally forever. But EasyCare happens to be a company based in the USA, is very innovative and a leader in the industry. And although I'm not traveling and conducting these clinics on behalf of EasyCare, but rather on my own accord and under my company's umbrella, Global Endurance Training Center, these clinics focus very much on Natural Hoof Care, Barefoot Trimming and the application of all the EasyCare products and boots. After all, these boots and shoes are the future. Besides EasyCare boots and shoes, I also apply and demonstrate other innovative hoof protections on the market like Duplos and EQUIFLEX, a USA company that imports the Cera Shoes made in Germany. (Disclosing here that EQUIFLEX is also my own company, a subsidiary of Global Endurance Center). For these stated reasons, European stables, equine organizations and clubs are looking for USA based clinicians that know and teach progressive and innovative hoof protections and their applications.

Besides the hoofboots like the GlovesTrail, EpicsOriginal Easyboots, Glove Back Country, and Clouds that require neither nails nor glue, I teach nailing and gluing EasyShoes and Glue-Ons using various glues, but mostly the over and over proven VETTEC glues. An all time favorite for many participants is the molding of a hoof shoe using the Vettec Superfast. And when I receive a phone call 6 weeks later telling me that the Superfast shoe is still on the hoof and fully intact after being ridden many miles through rocks and endless hours standing and walking in muddy pastures and stalls, even I can be a little proud of my work and the quality of the products I'm putting my faith into.

The  equestrian community of the Iberian Peninsula as a whole has not embraced the new hoof protection boots and shoes from EasyCare and other manufactures like the rest of Europe or the Americas have. Most horses there are still shod with iron shoes like they have been for over 2000 years.  A few Duplos and Equiflex Shoes could be seen, but hardly any Easyboots of any kind. Contrary to lots of horses in the rest of Europe, most horses had also fairly long, undubbed toes.

A very common sight: steel shoes with long toes.

The two day seminar this fall was open to farriers, horse owners and riders of all disciplines who were interested in learning about hoof boots and the application of them. 15 participants (among them 4 farriers) wanted to hear all about EasyCare's products.  After introduction and initial PP presentation about anatomy of the lower legs, the group watched and analyzed gaits of various horses, studied toe and heel landings and examined pathologies and hoof imbalances.

During the indoor presentation.

Toe landing or heel landing? Sometimes it is hard to tell.

M/L imbalances were noted together with anatomical abnormalities.

After evaluating hooves, we practiced and discussed hoof trims and compared trimming philosophies between various countries. Any group member who wanted to do so, could show and explain his trimming procedures.

Trimming was followed by various hoof boot applications. Participants had again the opportunity to select boots, apply them and check the fit.

Gluing Easyboot Glue-Ons was first demonstrated by me, then could be practiced by the attendees.

Here we are using Vettec Equipak CS as sole packing in the Easyboot Glue on. For that purpose, small holes were drilled in the bottom of the boots and the CS then injected through those holes.

Catalonians never miss an opportunity to have siesta and eat well. A great opportunity to celebrate the end of the clinic with a traditional Catalonian dinner.

After leaving Catalunya I traveled to Germany for more clinics and workshops, then to Belgium and finally finished my travels in France. There, and also before that in Catalunya, I had to opportunity to enter two endurance races. From these events I will report my experiences in next months blog.

From the Bootmeister

Christoph Schork, Global Endurance Training Center


A Season of Boots and Lessons Learned

Submitted by Karen Neuenschwander, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

How far can your Easyboots take you? This season my Easyboot Gloves helped me take my mare from greenie to the AERC 50 mile National Championship. It was a fun journey, and I learned so much along the way, especially when it came to booting. Here are some things I learned along the way.

Photo by Becky Pearman Photography

Lesson one: Fit is everything when it comes to booting success. Follow the directions from EasyCare, all of them, and ask for help from more experienced folks if you’re having trouble or if you are not sure about the fit. There are plenty of people out there who have been there, done that, so pick their brains.

Lesson two: Boots may occasionally come off, and it’s ok! I didn’t lose a single Glove until my third endurance ride, but when I did, I had to do some troubleshooting to figure out what was going on. In one case, my mare’s hoof shape changed a bit with all of the new miles and hoof growth. Adding Power Straps fixed the problem, and I gained some new knowledge and skills in the process. Use boot losses as an opportunity to learn, and don’t be discouraged.

Lesson three: Don’t be afraid to try something new. I was terrified to try Glue-On shells for two back-to-back 50’s, but by taking the plunge, I found a great option for multi-day or 100 mile hoof protection and gained confidence with a new skill.

Lesson four: Hoof boots CAN work for you on any terrain. So many people told me that boots wouldn’t work in wet East Coast footing and mud. Mine stayed on as well as a nailed on shoe through sucking mud, deep sand and the famous Old Dominion rocks. Know your terrain, find a good boot fit, secure your boots accordingly, and they will perform.

Lesson five: Treat your boots well, and you can really get some miles out of them. I made sure to clean and inspect my boots after every ride. I stored them out of the weather when not in use. The boot in this picture started the season with me. I did 310 competitive miles and all of my conditioning miles in it (many on gravel forest service roads) before the toe finally blew out. Not too shabby!

As we look ahead to a new season of endurance, I can’t wait to see where another year in EasyCare boots will take us!

Many Miles

I do endurance and NATRC competitions. I have done many miles and won many ribbons on my TW. I have tried different types of hoof boots and the Epics have stayed on and protected her feet for thousand of miles. I've gone through many boots, and replaced many parts. My vote is with you and I have shared my many boot experiences with loads of other riders. I'm also an equestrian teacher and have shown loads of students the benefits of the boots as well. Thanks for the great boots, EasyCare.

Name: Colleen
State: Oklahoma
Country: USA
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Epic

It's a Matter of Perspective

Submitted by Elaine McPherson, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

Have you ever noticed that the more you ride in certain places, if your horse has no issue with the footing and terrain, that you cease to realize that someone else might not care for it? I'm a Back Country Horseman and avid trail rider and I take quite a bit of pride in our Southern Nevada trails that I help maintain, so when I take someone out and they don't like the trail we're on I take it a bit personally.

A few weeks back a friend who had never ridden in Mt Charleston asked me to take her and show her a trail and I gladly complied. She told me the distance and speed she wanted to do and inquired about the footing and terrain. I described them the best I could and let her know that hoof protection was recommended. She said her horse currently has shoes so shouldn't be a problem, right? Chief as usual would go out with Easyboot Gloves on his fronts and bare behind. 

Thirty seven ridge lines to get where I was headed and my friends horse kept getting slower and slower, she said his feet were tender which was slowing him down. My friend didn't agree with my claim of decent footing, heck this trail has downright great footing compared to some I ride, there's that different perspective we all have. Needless to say Chief in his boots handled the rocks and granite boulders we came across like a trooper, ready to ride another day.


Who Is In The Clouds?

Who is in the Clouds? Barrel Racer Sharin Hall, the American Top 4 Finalist for 2015!

"I love the new Cloud boots. Whether I'm traveling with my horses, providing therapy for lameness or stalling on hard surfaces, I know my horses are totally protected. They feel like they are walking on air." - Sharin Hall

Throughout the last few years, Sharin has stacked up some priceless winnings. These are just a few of Sharin's titles:

2015 American Top 4 Finalist

2015 Diamonds and Dirt Slot Race Champion

2014 Diamond T Year-End Champion

2014 Diamonds and Dirt Futurity Finalist 2014 BBR1D Finalist

2013 Fort Worth Show Finalist

Women's Pro Rodeo Association Derby World Champion

PacWest Futurity Champion

American Barrel Racing Association World Champion Barrel Racer


From your friends and fans at EasyCare: Good luck at NFR 2015, Sharin!



Dee Reiter


Retail Account Rep

I am the Retail and New Dealer Account Rep for EasyCare. I will be happy to help you with ordering, selecting the most popular styles and sizes of EasyCare hoof boots to stock. Let me help you with suggestions on merchandising and provide training for you and your staff, at your convenience.

My Season with Easyboots

Submitted by Stacey Maloney, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

I wanted to share what a typical year looks like for me and my horses' feet. We are competitive trail riders competing at the 25 mile distance this year and we start "spring training" as soon as the weather allows us to be outside without freezing (that date can vary greatly here in Alberta!).

This past year was exceptionally mild and as early as February we were out running down the gravel roads and across the bare crop fields. The ground is frozen this time of year and can be punishingly lumpy, rocky and uneven. If we're out for a slow ride we can get it done barefoot but of course my horses are more comfortable with something between them and the ground. Often times, at this time of year, it's our Easyboot Epics that fit the bill. 

I have used these boots for over a decade now and just love them. They are easily adjusted and therefore easy to fit to your horse throughout their trim cycle. Two days post trim to six weeks out, these boots will insure a snug, secure fit and I don't ever worry about losing one thanks to the handy gaiter.

This past spring we had lots of chinook winds that would blow very warm air across the snow covered ground turning the top of the snow to wind whipped melting puddles that would freeze into sheets of ice overnight. We had ice everywhere. Lots of open, bare tracts which made it quite possible to condition if you could just make it to those spots. 

Enter my Easyboot Gloves with Quick Studs. I wrote about how to apply the Quick Studs here. My oh my what a difference these little studs make to traction. Nary a slip on the dodgy sections, my horse strode out with confidence on our way to our training grounds. I love the Gloves for their ease of application, snug fit and no hardware to fiddle with. There are a bit trickier to ensure correct fit as my horse has to be trimmed more often to "get it right" but that just means her hooves are always in great shape. 

Once the snow and ice cleared and we headed more into our true spring and early summer, I removed the Quick Studs (so I can use them again next year) and continued using the Easyboot Epics and Gloves to condition my horse up and down the gravel road, through the hills, across the rocky river beds and into the Alberta foothills (small mountains).

Then FINALLY, after what seemed like forever, competition season was upon us! I broke out my gluing gear and this rookie made a one woman show of gluing a set of four EasyShoe Performance on my mare. I had learned the how-to's from a local professional last year and set to work making it happen for myself (I wrote about my experience gluing in this previous blog). There was lots of trial and error, glue everywhere and some frustration but that first set I put on myself looked not too bad and definitely did the trick in landing us a first place at that CTR. 

Several weeks of conditioning later I removed that set and applied a new set of four with greater ease and improved skills (see - trial and error at work!). For me I realized the best way for my slow self to apply the adhesive was to only put the Adhere around the bottom where it would contact the sole, hold it to the hoof until set then use a hoof pick to hold the wings open while I applied the Adhere to the quarters with enough quantity that it spilled out the holes. Wait for the appropriate set time again, clean it up with a rasp and voila. 

We had a great competitive season and in total my mare spent 14 weeks in the EasyShoe Performance hoof protection. They definitely offer convenience over the boots as there is no applying/removing before and after each ride and my mare felt superb in them. I called them her little "Rocket shoes" because she was faster and more confident in our conditioning rides than ever before. 

I just pulled them off last weekend and we are back to heading into the colder weather. I will shake the dust off my hoofboots that have been sitting in the corner of the tack shed all summer and we will continue on our merry way, booted and bundled up in the colder weather, waiting for springtime and warm summer days to return.

I do believe EasyCare offers a hoof protection solution for most all situations and if you're not sure, just get a hold of EasyCare Customer Service and they can direct you to what may work best for your situation. We are able to ride outside year round thanks to the protection the EasyCare Hoof Boot line up offers and I am so thankful for all the options. 

We Love the EasyShoes

We were looking for a shoe for Salsa that would help her be more comfortable and something we could apply ourselves. She is three years old and still growing, so it was important to find the "right" fit for her. We decided on the EasyShoe Sport, and cannot tell you how pleased we are. She is traveling so much more comfortably and true. We used the EasyShoe Sport to give her a little more sole protection, but I think we might try the EasyShoe Compete next time. Oh, and your customer service has been amazing. VERY helpful for us "first timers". We got a little messy with the glue, but no doubt, we will get better over time.  Thank you EasyCare!

Name: Michael and Yvonne 
State: Kansas 
Country: USA
Equine Discipline: Western Arena Sports
Favorite Boot: EasyShoes