John Stevens winning the Cueno Creek Endurance Ride. Photo Credit Dream Team Photography.

Shoeing a horse with super glue instead of nails seems silly. Most people will say, “No way! Super glue isn’t enough to hold a shoe on the hoof.”

I thought the same thing! But after a couple years of testing, we are finding that super glue, or cyanoacrylate, is a quick and cost effective way to shoe a horse.

Yes, it’s true. Super glue will hold a horseshoe on the hoof for a complete 5-6 week cycle of hard, endurance-type riding and training in difficult conditions.

John and Diane Stevens at a recent endurance event in California. Both horses are wearing shoes held on by super glue. John’s mare completed a two day, 100-mile race, finishing 1st and 3rd. Diane tied for 1st on the first day, and placed well the second. Photo Credit Dream Team Photography.

EasyCare has several products available to the public currently, and several in testing that are applied with nothing but super glue. We are finding that applying shoes with super glue is very easy, economical, and effective. It even helps strengthen the hoof wall over time.    

Ease Of Application  

Applying a shoe with super glue is very easy. Make sure the hoof is trimmed and balanced first. The hoof walls then need to be cleaned and dried to ensure the best possible bond with the super glue. Next, coat the tabs or cuffs with super glue, apply the shoe, and wrap the hoof in plastic shrink wrap. Leave the wrap on for 5-10 minutes, then remove it and you’re all set! 

Start with a fresh trim.
Prep the hoof wall and shoes.
Apply super glue, and wrap the hoof while the glue sets.
Wait 10 minutes, and then you’re ready to go!

Economical Gluing Solution 

The process is very inexpensive. Each hoof requires roughly $0.50 in super glue. We love the adhesives we get from companies such as Vettec and Equilox, but using these types of products can cost roughly $10.00 per hoof, on average. That much of a cost difference is difficult to ignore. 

In addition, we are finding the shoes applied with super glue can be removed and reapplied. A full 2 oz bottle of EasyCare’s Maxi-Cure Super Glue is $11.00. One bottle can be used to apply at least 20 shoes.

Effective Hold

Shoes applied with super glue stay on very well. We have heard many success stories ranging from endurance racers, to therapeutic facilities, to trail riders, and more. 

Stronger Hoof Wall 

I have personally seen the horses I use super glue on develop a stronger hoof wall over time. The super glue seems to coat and seal the wall. This sealant effect especially helps in wet environments, or when horses go from wet to dry often.   

The photo below shows the section of hoof that was coated with super glue when a shoe was applied with acrylic. The hoof grew out a bunch after the application, and you can see a remarkable difference in the quality of the hoof wall. (Yes, the hoof is much too long and due for a trim and reset.)

The bottom half of the hoof wall was coated in super glue when the shoe was applied. The top section grew out, and no super glue was applied there.  This photo clearly shows how super glue seals a hoof.

I think we are just beginning to see the difference cyanoacrylate can make in the equine hoof care world. It will be interesting to see if and how the use of super glue evolves from here.  


  1. Hey, I am curious as to why you say the black tabs can be reset but not the clear. I would prefer the black tabs, but they’re out of stock so was considering going with the clear. Can they be removed carefully to reset the shoe? Or will the black ones be in stock soon? Thanks!

    • The clear tabs can certainly be reset, as well. The black are just a little easier to get off, but that’s the only difference. We will not have the black tabs back in stock soon, unfortunately.

    • Yes, they work great on the trail. They have even been successfully used for endurance races on a variety of tough trails.

  2. What size do they come in. I have a draft/paint cross on a clean trim measure 61/4 inch at the width part of hooves and 6 inch on toe measurements. Would love to try if you have a size to fit.

    • We do have Versa Grip shoes that would fit your horse’s hooves! 6.25 inches is roughly 159 millimeters, which would put your horse in a size 162 in the front pattern. Here’s a link to look at the EasyShoe Versa Grip Light and check out the size chart: There will be a little extra length you’ll likely need to trim off because your horse’s hooves are wider than they are long, but these shoes are easily customized to create the ideal fit.

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