The EasyShoe Compete was developed for my personal racehorses. I was looking for a flexible, glue-on, urethane horse shoe that was legal on the racetrack. After a bunch of trial and error, the EasyShoe Compete was developed using patented technology from Curtis Burns and his Polyflex horse shoe.

The EasyShoe Compete has an internal wire that helps shape the shoe and vertical tabs in the heel area to improve the glue bond. The shoe is easy to apply and stays on well for a six-week cycle. I haven’t had any trouble with shoes coming off prematurely, even at the racetrack where the horses are iced and bathed daily.

A well-applied EasyShoe Compete

Flexible urethane, internal wire for shaping, wear plate, and cuffs to increase the surface area where the glue can be applied.

Super lightweight!  Horses fly in them.

The EasyShoe Compete is easy to apply and stays very secure during the shoeing cycle. The video below shows the steps for proper installation.

Hoof and shoe become one.

Solar view.

Wear after 7 weeks.

Next time you are looking for a flexible, glue-on solution for the track or arena, give the EasyShoe Compete a try. You won’t be disappointed in the change you see in your horse.