If you are looking for a composite shoe for performance riding, the Versa Grip Lineup is a great place to start your search! The Versa Grip Lineup is our most versatile composite shoe line, ranging from nail-on and glue-on options. We have full urethane options for the most lightweight and flexible option, and we also have metal insert options for more structure and rigidity.

The Versa Grip Line has the versatility to perform in many disciplines. We are often asked questions such as: “Which shoe is the best for my show jumper?” or “Which shoe is best for my barrel racer?” In many cases, we have several shoes that could work for a particular horse. The shoe you pick may come down to preferred application method or personal preference.

Here’s a closer look at the Versa Grip in action across many different disciplines.

Trail Riding

Endurance Riding

Show Jumping



Barrel Racing

Pole Bending

Western Pleasure

Carriage Driving


Police Units

Long Distance Road Riding

Ground Work/Lunging

Pleasure Riding

Want to learn more about the Versa Grip Line? Compare and contrast the shoes. 

If you are unsure which shoe is best for your horse, contact us and we’d be happy to help you pick the best option for your horse!



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