You may be familiar with the Easyboot Rx, our most lightweight, breathable therapy hoof boot. With the Rx in mind, we developed a new and improved version that is a great therapy option for many different horses and situations.

Meet the Easyboot Rx2. The Easyboot Rx2 is a robust, lightweight therapy hoof boot. The Rx2 provides comfort and support for stabling on hard ground, trailering, laminitis, thin soles, founder, and other chronic lameness.

The Rx2 has an integrated midsole, keeping the hoof close to the ground. It is quick and easy to apply with a wide opening and pull strap. The close-fitting, padded upper supports the pastern area while minimizing dirt and debris from entering the boot. The material is both breathable and durable. The Rx2 is comparable to your comfiest pair of running shoes.

The Rx2 is a great therapy option for horses who need some modifications as the rubber bottom is shapable. The rockered bottom offers built in mechanics like a roller. Watch the video below to see the different ways the Rx2 can be modified.

While the Rx2 is durable, we do not recommend it for riding or exercise. It is best suited for stall rest and small turnout situations. If you are looking for a hoof boot for riding, we recommend taking a look at our Recreation Line.

If you are starting the search for a therapy boot and not sure if you should try the Easyboot Rx2 or the Easyboot Cloud, consider the following.

  • Does your horse need a more rockered bottom? The Rx2 is a good choice for you.
  • Does your horse need a wedge? The Cloud is a better choice for you as the included EVA pad offers a 2 degree wedge.
  • Does your horse need more customization, such creating a roller effect? The Rx2 is a great option.
  • Do you prefer your horse sits closer to the ground or has additional padding? The Rx2 will provide the most streamlined fit, whereas the Cloud will provide the most cushioning and support.

Other factors to consider are application preference, price point, and sizing.

The Easyboot Rx2 is a great addition to the Therapy Line that will help hoof care professionals and horse owners optimize the comfort of their horses. If you are unsure which therapy boot is best for your horse, please feel free to contact us here!


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