This horse has been using the same set of Versa Grip Octo’s since Sept 18, 2022!

Since the initial application in September, the same set of shoes has been removed and reset an additional three times.  The shoes were just removed and reset for the fourth time on February 8th, 2023.  The horse has now been using the same shoes for 143 days and has just started another 6 week cycle.  The first three cycles have averaged a bit less than 7 weeks.  (7 weeks is longer than I like to use urethane shoes but my horses often are exposed to testing conditions).  We plan to continue to reset these shoes until they fail.  

The photos below show the shoes and trimmed feet before and after the first application on September 18th, 2022.  

 These Versa Grip Octo’s were first applied on Sept 18th, 2022. 

You are probably wondering how this is possible?  It’s possible because the shoes wear extremely well and the tabs are exceptionally strong.  The Versa Grip Octo has integrated tabs that eliminate the welding process and make the bond between shoes and tabs much stronger and more reliable.  In addition, the use of EasyShoe Quick Set Super Glue aids in the application and removal process.  Super Glue makes the process much easier and much more economical.   

I have done a series of videos showing how to remove and reset your own Versa Grip Octo shoes.  It’s easy.  Take a look at the process by viewing the video sequence below.  

The video below shows the conditions the horse was in for the majority of reset #3. The first application was more rain and wet pasture.  Reset #2 was powder snow and rain.  Horse is turned out 24/7.  

The video below shows Versa Grip Octo removal.  

The video below shows how to clean Versa Grip Octo tabs after removal.  

The video below shows how I have been experimenting with sealing the foot with Super Glue.  I’m seeing healthier feet when I seal the feet.  This works especially well to horses that are exposed to wet and dry conditions on a regular basis.   

The video below shows Versa Grip Octo application to a shoe that is being reset.  

The video below shows how to seal around tabs of the Versa Grip Octo after plastic wrap has been removed.  

Hope you to can have success fitting and resetting your horse in the Versa Grip Octo.