Meet our latest therapy hoof boot! The Easyboot Rx2 is a robust, lightweight therapy hoof boot. The Rx2 provides comfort and support for stabling on hard ground, trailering, laminitis, thin soles, founder, and other chronic lameness. The Rx2 has an integrated midsole, keeping the hoof close to the ground. The close-fitting, padded upper supports the pastern area while minimizing dirt and debris from entering the boot.

Questions about the Easyboot Rx2? Take a look at the most frequently asked questions to help you get started.

Q: Is the Rx2 replacing the existing Rx? How is it different?

A: Yes. Instead of a removable Comfort Pad, the new Rx2 has an integrated midsole. The Rx2 is designed with more durability in mind. It also includes more hoof mechanics and modification options. You will notice the new Rx2 has a different closure system and different tread pattern. Both the Rx and Rx2 are very lightweight therapy boots.

Q: Can I turn my horse out in the Rx2?

A: The Rx2 is suitable for stall rest, shipping, and light turnout. If you are looking for a turnout boot, the Easyboot Trail or Easyboot Sneaker may be a good option for you.

Q: Can I use the Rx2 if my horse is shod?

A: We do not recommend using boots with steel shoes.

Q: How can I modify the Rx2?

A: The Rx2 is a great therapy option for horses who need some modifications as the rubber bottom is shapable. The rockered bottom offers built in mechanics like a roller. You can leave the bottom as is for more support, or snip the edges of the tread to create more of a roller effect.

Q: Can I add a Comfort Pad to the boot?

A: The Rx2 has an integrated pad in the midsole, so often times, no additional pad is needed. The integrated RE pad is a blend of rubber and EVA which increases the durability of the padding. If desired, you can add a Comfort Pad to the boot as well.

Q: How soft is the padding?

A: The Rx2 midsole is approximately 45% more firm than the Cloud insert pad on the Shore A Hardness scale.

Q: Does the Rx2 work for minis and ponies?

A: Sizes run as small as 70mm wide, so it is a good option for many minis and smaller hooves. Take a look at the size chart to be sure.

Q: How does the Rx2 fit?

A: The Rx2 fits very true to size. It does not tend to run snug. We are always happy to recommend a size if you are unsure.

Q: Will the Rx2 rub?

A: No. The upper is padded with soft material, allowing a secure fit around the pastern without creating friction.

Q: Will dirt, debris, or shavings get inside the boot?

A: No. The close-fitting upper prevents dirt and debris from getting inside the boot.

Q: Can the boots stay on all the time?

A: We recommend taking the boots off once every 24 hours to minimize the risk of thrush. Allow the hoof to air out, then put the boots back on. The time frame may vary depending on your environment. Putting Gold Bond Powder inside the boot can help absorb any moisture.

Q: How is the Rx2 different from the Cloud?

A: Both the Rx2 and Cloud are great therapy boot options. If you are trying to decide between boots, consider some of these factors.

  • Does your horse need a more rockered bottom? The Rx2 is a good choice for you.
  • Does your horse need a wedge? The Cloud is a better choice for you as the included EVA pad offers a 2 degree wedge.
  • Do you want your horse to have a softer or firmer pad? The Cloud’s EVA pad is approximately 45% softer than the Rx2’s midsole on the Shore A Hardness scale.
  • Does your horse need more customization, such creating a roller effect? The Rx2 is a great option.
  • Do you prefer your horse sits closer to the ground or has additional padding? The Rx2 will provide the most streamlined fit, whereas the Cloud will provide the most cushioning and support.
  • Do you want the most lightweight option? The Rx2 is a good option for you.

Overall, the Rx2 is a great addition to the Therapy Line and is a versatile boot for many horses and situations. Have any additional questions? Contact us here!


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