The EasyShoe Speed is available now! The EasyShoe Speed is a glue-on urethane horseshoe with integrated cuffs for easy gluing. The cuffs are designed for acrylic or urethane adhesives. EasyShoe Bond or EasyShoe Adhesives are great options. You can also nail the Speed by cutting off the cuffs.

The Speed has thinner webbing, allowing the horse to sink more into the ground and increase traction. The webbing is 10mm thinner compared to the Versa Grip. The Speed excels performance disciplines including barrel racing, show jumping, eventing, cross country, fox hunting, dressage, western disciplines, and more. It is versatile for endurance and trail riding as well. If you frequently ride on grass and arena footing, the Speed is a great option for you.

The Speed also offers a keyhole design to provide movement in the heels. Center keyhole brace can be removed for more flexibility. This allows the heels to move independently over various terrain.

The EasyShoe Speed is measured and sized the same as the Versa Grip Glue.

The EasyShoe Speed Lineup consists of 3 options:

-The EasyShoe Speed, full urethane for the most lightweight, flexible option. It can be nailed or glued.

-The EasyShoe Speed Metal, with aluminum inserts for more stability and shaping options. It can be nailed or glued.

-EasyShoe Speed Metal Trac, with aluminum inserts and 4 t-nuts for optional 3/8″ studs for maximum traction. It can be nailed or glued.

*Please note: the EasyShoe Speed full urethane is available now. Metal and Metal Trac will be arriving within the next couple of weeks.

The EasyShoe Speed is proving to be a successful in many disciplines, including eventing. Take a look at this OTTB’s transformation from steel shoes to the EasyShoe Speed.

Overall, the EasyShoe Speed is a great addition to the EasyShoe lineup, providing another option that can be used for all disciplines and therapy. For more information on sizing, FAQs and more, please see our website here.