Written by Glue Guru

This is a story about a pony called Billy…

Billy in his early 20’s was loving life. Little bit of trail riding in the forest, bit of jumping, nothing too strenuous. Showing the ropes to the 2nd of our 3 girls not letting them get too complacent when riding him!

Then disaster. Billy was very lame and had a big infection in his foot, but luckily I work with some fantastically skilled and kind people. Billy had a pedal bone fracture and needed surgery… bad times. The fragment of bone was removed and Billy started his rehab.
Billy had been shoeless for most of his life and very happy in that set up. I tried nailing shoes on him, he didn’t like that one bit. I direct glued him shoes on, he didn’t like that either. I built him some shoes from just acrylic, he was still not happy.
I use a fair amount of EasyCare’s Versa Grip Glues on four-star international level event horses. 2 weeks ago it was brought to my attention that new small sizes were available! So I ordered some. I put a set on Billy. He is now wild, acting like a 4yr old.
Thank you to Garrett Ford for bringing these small size shoes to market! Applied with The 3rd Millennium hoof and shoe acrylic.


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