Written by EasyCare Product Specialist, Jordan Anderson

The EasyShoe Versa Grip Octo is the alternative option to the Versa Grip Light and 11 Finger Tabs. Although the Versa Grip Light and 11 Finger Tabs allow for more modification and customization, the Versa Grip Octo is a great set and go design.

The Super Glue application opens the door to more people feeling confident to transitioning into a glue-on shoe. With more people interesting in dabbling in composite glue-on shoes, there are many questions that arise when first starting out.

Commonly Ask Questions:

Q: Do I have to get a front pattern for a front foot and a hind pattern for the hind feet?

A: No, whether you need a front or hind design is based on that specific hoof’s shape. Most horses only need the front pattern, even on the hind feet. However, it is not uncommon to nee a hind pattern (a longer length) on a front foot. They are just named to differentiate their shape.

Q: How accurate does the fit need to be?

A: It is very important for the width to be as snug as possible so that the tabs have a secure connection along the hoof wall. Don’t size up for this shoe, it is better to be snug. (A nail on shoe would be sized a little bit differently because you want the nail holes to line up with the nailing area and not hit the white line.)

See our measuring guide.

Q: My horse’s hoof is really round. What do I do about the extra length?

A: The Versa Grip Octo length can be trimmed down. Keep in mind, the shoe can extend past the buttress line. As long as the shoe length is still under the heel bulbs (especially for the front feet), it is ok to have extra length. You can grind, trim, or rasp excess length away to prevent overreaching.

Q: What items do I need to get started with this glue process?

A: The beauty of this shoe is the simplicity. All you need is a correctly fitted shoe, Super Glue, and plastic wrap. A Hoof Buffy can be helpful to clean up the hoof wall before application, but this is less needed than with our other glue on shoes. Scuffing can be done with a rasp or some sand paper. We also recommend a wire brush and butane torch for hoof prep.

Q: What accessories can be used with this shoe?

The EasyCare Quick Studs are a great way to add traction on wet grass or snowy/icy conditions.
The Versa Grip Plug can be added to keep snow or mud from getting packed in the center of the shoe (although cleaning out this shoe is very easy and not all conditions cause these types of issues.)
The Versa Grip Wedge or Rocker can be used for therapeutic correction or relief. (Discuss using these products with your farrier or vet before using.)

Q: Can this shoe be reset?

A: Yes! We have a few videos showing how to carefully remove the tabs so they can be reapplied. If the tab integrity is lost, you can heat weld a new set of 11 Finger Tabs for continued use of the shoe.

Q: How long does the tread last?

A: So far we have had multiple people give feedback that they are getting at least two, sometimes even three resets, out of one pair of shoes. We have seen it reset up to 4 times!
Reset for the 4th time.

Q: Do these shoes come in different colors?

A: The Octo comes in a clear plastic from the manufacturer, but many of our creative customers have found that the material can be dyed. We have several blogs and videos that show how to customize your shoes!

Q: What can I use this shoe for?

A: The Versa Grip Octo is made of flexible urethane that allows the hoof to flex naturally with each footfall. The Octo excels in all disciplines including dressage, show jumping, endurance, trail riding, barrel racing, western pleasure, and more. The Octo has also been successful for hoof rehabilitation and therapy.