We are very proud to see horses succeed in EasyCare products! At the recent AERC Convention, Global Endurance Training Center horses were awarded top honors for last year’s performance. GE Pistol Annie won the National War Mare Award, and GE Blizzard of Ozz the National BC Award, with GE Pistol Annie coming in 2nd and GE Haatra 5th.

GETCs placed 3 horses in the top 10 of AERC’s BC Championship. Big congratulations to Global Endurance Training Center and Christoph Schork!

Christoph shares: “Super proud and excited about how my horses performed last year. I was using mostly the Easyboot Glue-On, the EasyShoe Versa Grip, and EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue.

A large contributor to Ozzy’s success has been the EasyCare products he has worn. Over the last several years, EasyCare’s hoof protection line has not only gotten bigger, but it’s also gotten much better. Every year, the R&D department at EasyCare is bringing new hoof wear onto the market, making it ever easier for average horse owners to select the proper hoof protection for their horses and for their specific equestrian disciplinesSuperb products can help achieve top results.

At GETC, we are all proud to use EasyCare boots and shoes on our horses. The horses sure seem to prefer the protection and cushioning they provide. The results are living proof of it.”

We look forward to watching this team succeed in 2023. Congratulations, Christoph and Global Endurance Training Center!