Written by EasyCare HCP/Vet Dealer Representative, Dan Schroeder

To say the recent EasyCare Clinic in Maine was a success would be an understatement. It was fantastic!!! We had a wonderful crowd of 30 people, and the facilities at the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, MSSPA, were spectacular. The Maine Farriers Association hosted the event, and on top of all that, the weather was beautiful. We were even fortunate enough to get a farrier from Nova Scotia to come down to attend.

We applied the Versa Grip Glue and the Versa Grip Octo to three different horses so everyone could see the application and the differences on how to apply them for fit. We also had Dr. Kathryn Williams of Hill and Harbor Veterinary Services on hand to take radiographs to show the changes to the HPA as we tried on shoes and changed the mechanics of the shoe. One of the highlights of the clinic was that we were working on a horse that fit the shoe great, but we needed a bit more support under the heel. With the versatility of the Versa Grip line, we were able to heat weld a piece of urethane from another shoe onto the heel of the shoe we wanted to use to get the extra length. Great opportunity.

As with all of the clinics we attend, everyone is eager to see the shoes applied and are excited to see them go on as easy as in the videos. Having discussion on where you would use one shoe over the other is also a main topic. It is always exciting to see people come up to apply a shoe and get along with the process so well.

A BIG thank you to Maine Farriers Association, and especially Susan Walker for setting up the day and organizing. Thank you to MSSPA for the use of their facility, Dr. Williams for being there for radiographs, and of course to everyone who attended and volunteered to apply shoes. This was for sure one of our top events, and it was all due to you.