It’s the first day of summer! Now is the time to start making plans for your summer events, travels, and riding. Whether you’ve got trail rides, rodeos, pack trips, or any other fun plans lined up with your horse, EasyCare has what you need to make your summer easier. Here are 5 products that could be the perfect addition to your summer essentials.

Easyboot Remedy

Introducing the Easyboot Remedy! - EasyCare Hoof Boot NewsMany areas in the Northern Hemisphere are currently experiencing a bit of a heat wave. The Easyboot Remedy is the perfect tool for helping your horse cool down after a hot ride or a hard workout. Simply add water and ice and let your horse relax and enjoy the overall cooling effect, as well as reduced inflammation and a quicker recovery.

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Easyboot Cloud

The Easyboot Cloud is always a great boot to have on hand. It’s a great tool to help your horse ride in a trailer more comfortably while traveling. It will also help ease any pain or discomfort your horse may experience. Whether your horse’s soles got a little bruised on the trail or his hooves are sensitive or tender after a hard ride, the Cloud can provide instant relief.

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Easyboot Epic

EasyCare has quite a variety of both pleasure and performance hoof boots to choose from. We don’t recommend one style for every horse or every situation, but if you’ve never tried a hoof boot before, the Epic could be worth checking out. It works well for both pleasure and performance uses, it’s adjustable, it provides a good amount of coverage and protection, and it can even be worn over traditional shoes if you need to keep those on.

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EasyShoe Versa Grip

Eventing in the EasyShoe Versa Grip - EasyCare Hoof Boot NewsIf you do have a barefoot horse and you don’t want to try hoof boots, one of our EasyShoe styles could be just what you’re looking for. The EasyShoe Versa Grip, in particular, is available in several different styles (including the Glue, Gold, and Light), and as its name suggests, it really is versatile! You can glue or nail on this shoe, leave it alone for your typical 6-8 week trim cycle, and go about your regular riding/competition schedule.

Ready more about the EasyShoe Versa Grip here. 




Free Shipping on The Hi Tie Trailer Tie SystemIf you are planning on having your trailer parked at a few events or a few trail heads this summer, adding the HiTie could be a game changer. You simply install it to the side of your trailer. The HiTie makes leaving your horse tied onto your trailer for hours at a time (even overnight if you’re camping in your trailer) easier for you and much more comfortable for your horse. Your horse will be able to move around a little, drop its head to eat, and even lay down.

Read more about the HiTie here.

Let us know what your plans are for the summer! What are the tips, tricks, or products you’ve found most useful in summers past?


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