When it comes to hoof boot and shoe application and “how-to” videos, EasyCare always makes the process look smooth and easy. We want our videos to be as clear and informative as possible. However, it can be difficult to tell from some of these videos how easy or difficult the process really is. You can’t tell how many times the presenter had to practice, or how experienced they were to begin with. How easy is it for a complete beginner?

You might wonder about this when you watch our videos on applying the EasyShoe Versa Grip Lights using super glue on our 11 Finger Tabs. How easy is it, really?

We thought it would be helpful to let you hear it directly from a customer whose farrier followed the application video to apply these shoes for the first time. Here’s what Joan Hellen shared with us.

My farrier, Billy Boyd, is a traditional farrier who likes steel and nails. That is where most of his experience lies, so he is most comfortable using traditional shoeing practices. However, he is always willing to explore new options for hoof protection.

My mare has expressed displeasure in the nail-on options in hoof protection. During this gluing experiment she promised to be good as long as we didn’t use nails. She did great! She didn’t have any problems with the heat gun or plastic wrap parts of the application process.

My farrier, Billy, watched the video on welding the tabs on and thought it was EASY! We are both looking forward to seeing how these shoes hold up and stay on. My mare has already been convinced and approved. Next round we will be doing all four feet.

I took my time researching this product and making sure it was a feasible option for me and my horse. I am happy with the application process and how good my horse feels so far.

I have learned over the years it helps to be prepared and organized. So I also included a photo of my filing system for my shoes.


Thanks for sharing, Joan! That’s what we like to hear. It should only get easier and quicker each time you (or your farrier) apply the shoes.