EasyCare is excited to present our newest therapy boot! The Easyboot Remedy is in the warehouse and ready to ship. 

This flexible, strong, waterproof boot is the perfect solution for soaking and ice therapy. We will offer both a short and tall version in two sizes. The Easyboot Remedy is a shorter boot perfect for soaking the hooves up to halfway up the canon bone on most horses. The Easyboot Ultimate Remedy is a taller boot that will soak up to 5-6 inches above the knee on most horses, and can be folded down if less height is needed. 

Tall and short version pictured together.

Both the Easyboot Remedy (short version) and the Easyboot Ultimate Remedy (tall, over the knee version) come with an impressive list of features.  

  1. 100% waterproof. Designed and built to be 100% waterproof from top to bottom so liquid and ice stay inside.

2. Water-repellent. No more soggy boots – just hang them up and water rolls off and dries in seconds.

3. Four-way stretch materials. Application and removal are a cinch. Plus, the back pull tabs and over the knee fold down design make use even easier.

4. Genuine natural rubber overlays. Does not contain PVC.

5. Rubber outsole adds durability and traction.

The Easyboot Ultimate Remedy (tall version) has a couple extra features that make it really handy and user-friendly. 

  1. Can be folded down for easy application. 
  2. Includes a neck strap that fits over the neck of the horse to help hold it in place. 
Tall version in the process of being folded up.
Tall version folded up with the strap over the neck.

The Easyboot Remedy is the perfect ice therapy solution. Slip the boot on, fill it with ice, and add water. This boot is also great for Epsom salt soaks when trying to draw an abscess. Folks living in dry, hot areas can soak feet in water before the farrier arrives. This boot is also great for using solutions like “White Lightning” or “Clean Trax” to treat white line disease, thrush, abscesses, seedy toe, and hoof rot.

Large top opening make adding ice and water easy.  
Add water and tie the horse to stand quietly for 20 minutes.

Measuring and sizing for the Easyboot Remedy and Easyboot Ultimate Remedy is different than the other hoof boots in the EasyCare boot range. Typically, boots need a snug fit to prevent twisting and turning. The Easyboot Remedy range is different. With the Easyboot Remedy, the fit should be loose to allow room around the hoof and lower leg. The extra room allows for the liquid and/or ice to circulate. 

The Easyboot Remedy range is a loose-fitting boot designed to hold liquid while a horse is tied and monitored. If you are in doubt, size up. If you are close to the top measurements on the large size, application will be a bit more difficult. 

The Easyboot Ultimate Remedy (tall version) isn’t here just yet. It should be available for order within the next few weeks. The Easyboot Remedy is in the warehouse ready to ship right now. Place your orders now before they sell out! We can’t wait for them to start helping your horses.   


  1. The Remedy and Ultimate Remedy boots look great. I’d love to buy some. However you guys, like other hoof boot companies, usually stop short of large enough sizes for larger draft horses. My two percherons hooves are 7 inches by 7 1/2 inches long. I can get them into an RX boot but I can’t use a poultice pad or wrapping inside that boot. Nor can I use it to soak. Davis soaking boots are kind-of ok. All you guys/boot companies are doing great things with hoof boots but leave out a large group, the large drafts. We don’t mind paying more for larger products. We know the cost of having a draft is like the cost of two average sized horses. Just think how much harder it is to deal with a sore footed large draft. Good available tools make for better outcomes. I’m 65 yrs old, 5 foot 3 inches and 125 pounds. I’ve had my guys for 19 yrs and just this past two years had an abscess issue with the gelding. After all these years it’s starting to get hard. Really wish hoof products that fit them were available. I’ve been told it’s just not cost effective to make larger boot/shoe moulds because there are not enough customers for the larger draft boots. I think maybe advertising and word of mouth testimonials would bring these poor souls out of the darkness to buy these larger boots because our big horses would benefit from them. You may be surprised how many of us are out here waiting and searching the internet for boots and things that might fit. Rant done. You guys are great your products are great. Deby

    • Thank you for your feedback. We’re always happy to hear about our customers’ experiences with EasyCare products. We will certainly consider expanding our sizing options in the future.

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