I was going through an old AERC Yearbook from 1979 and I came across this ad:

Even at this stage of infancy, Easyboot made claims to better the horse and had proof that it worked as horses wore the boots on a 1,906 mile ride! The inventor, Neil Glass, used these boots himself on that event on his grey gelding, Easyboot Stanley.

Also in 1979 an old photo of my own:

My gelding, Sunny Spots R, wearing Easyboots on his front hooves. I had placed the boots over his shod hooves for added rock protection, as did quite a few of us back in the day. Sunny and I placed 5th on this Mt Burney 50 mile ride. Neil may have invented the boot but we all know Garrett Ford and his “team” of players has developed the many new and improved products.

I can proudly say that my horses wore Easyboots then, and my horses still wear Easyboots now!

Karen Bumgarner