EasyCare is on a roll, no doubt about it. Garrett Ford and the Bootmeister recently came back from a three day trip to Duesseldorf and Frankfurt, Germany. STROHM, the largest retailer for farrier supplies in Germany, hosted an Open House for over 400 farriers and hoof care professionals. Over 25 different manufacturer booths displayed the newest products for the professionals. What a great learning experience this event was.

EasyCare booth surrounded by interested participants.

EasyCare was not only displaying the new EasyShoes, but was also demonstrating the application of the EasyShoes on live horses in front of the attending public.

Garrett Ford and Christoph Schork explaining the use of the EasyShoes to the attendees.

Garrett applying the EasyShoe Performance with Vettec Adhere

The live demo was followed by lots of questions, and quite frankly, seldom have I witnessed such a widespread interest in a new product hitting the market. Many orders for the EasyShoes were placed with STROHM the very same day. These new EasyShoes will change the perception of hoof protection and shoeing for years to come. This is the final breakthrough for polyurethane horse shoes and the public awareness for these horse shoes is unprecedented. Yes there have been several other polyurethane and plastic horse shoes available for several years now, but none have seen the interest and exposure like the EasyShoes.

EasyShoe Compete displayed on a hoof model,

After the event in Duesseldorf,  we traveled to the Frankfurt Airport to conduct another seminar and continued education for EasyCare distributors from Switzerland and Germany. They had the opportunity to practice hoof preparation and gluing on the Blacksmith Buddy.

Preparing the hoof of a blacksmith buddy for gluing an EasyShoe.

Garrett Ford continues his travels to Australia and South Africa to teach more seminars, while Kevin Myers is currently in England for the same purpose. I myself will travel back to Germany in March for more EasyShoe clinics in Munich. In April and May, Global Endurance Training Center will host a Hoof Trimming and EasyShoe Application clinic in Moab, Utah. Details will follow soon on the EasyCare and GETC website and Facebook pages.

To check on the list of EasyCare Clinics in the next few months, read Alayna Wiley’s blog. In addition to these listed events there are will be more clinics conducted by the Bootmeister at Global Endurance Center in Moab and in combination with rides across the country. The biggest one will be in conjunction with the Owyhee Fandango Ride on May 24th, 2014. Details will be published at Endurance.net website soon.

Your Bootmeister

Christoph Schork

Global Endurance Training Center