Submitted by Candice Piraino

From additional support for a lengthy haul or injury-required stall rest therapy to increased comfort during a laminitis episode or comfort-ladened help transitioning from shoes to barefoot, the Easyboot Cloud is without a doubt the boot that will end your search. 

And while its primary role is to function as a therapy boot (not riding), it is commonly used for light turnout sessions in small areas less than one acre. I’ve found that people absolutely love their Easyboot Clouds for two primary reasons: 

  1. They are extraordinarily easy to put on the hoof.
  2. They are extremely lightweight compared to other therapy boots. (What horse enjoys walking around in boots that weigh five pounds each, especially while in pain?)

I have personally witnessed horses growing more sole thickness after wearing the Easyboot Clouds – to the point where the horses are no longer labeled “thin soled.” They are back to work and not taking one lame step! Horses with chronic abscesses that are turned out in Cloud boots have less frequent abscesses. The Cloud boot allows the horse to be more comfortable almost immediately after the boot is applied to the hoof, and encourages more movement, allowing the healing process to continue with blood supply pumping into the hoof.

Below are two helpful tips that could help your new boots last a little longer, especially for those mischievous horses that tend to destroy everything (I have one of those at home, so I can relate)! You most likely have these extra hacks around your tack box and barn.


Tip #1: Pair Bell Boots With the Easyboot Clouds

Before you use the Easyboot Cloud for light turn out, grab some pull-on rubber bell boots (not the kind with Velcro) and put those on the horse first. These bell boots will not only help protect the Easyboot Cloud from being caught from the hind feet due to overreaching, they will also add a layer of protection over the hook and loop straps from the teeth of a busy horse who loves to destroy everything! The bell boots even help keep out some dirt and debris during movement. 


Tip #2: Duct Tape on the Easyboot Cloud

Can’t locate the bell boots you stuffed somewhere in your trailer? Another hack I like to use for light turnout is duct tape! (… because duct tape is a great tool to fix almost everything, amirite?)  Wrap duct tape around the top of the boot over the hook and loop straps not only for extra security during a romping gallop turnout but also against the teeth of your playful horse.

What are some tips and hacks you’ve used with your Easyboot Clouds?  Let us know so we can add them to the list!


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