One of the paramount features of the new Easyboot Fury is its fully adjustable capabilities for customized heel length and height. Additionally, EasyCare offers two additional strap options to further accessorize – and customize – your Fury boot for even the most challenging riding terrains. Learn about these Fury accessory straps below.


The Y Pastern Strap for the Fury Sling Boot

The Y Pastern Strap is an alternative pastern strap option to the straight pastern strap. It is ideal for a horse that will be covering challenging terrain and water crossings, but is also prone to rubbing. The Y Pastern Strap does not fit as tight on the lower pastern as the Fury Heart, but it will make more contact than the pastern strap that is installed on the Fury Sling. This piece comes with the t-nut and screw needed to attach it.

Y Pastern Strap Materials Provided: Y Pastern Strap, t-nut, and screw.

Additional Items Needed: You will need a screwdriver and (optional) pliers.

Step 1:

Remove the original pastern strap on the Fury boot. Then unscrew one of the two screws (it doesn’t matter which one) on the front power strap in order to open up access to the hole in the middle. This is where the bottom of the Y Pastern Strap will attach to the boot.


Step 2:

Place the t-nut in the back of the boot. Then place the Y Pastern Strap between the boot shell and the power strap. Feed the screw into the boot through the power strap, Y Pastern Strap, and boot.


Step 3:

If needed, use pliers when tightening the screw into the t-nut until it’s secure through all pieces.


Step 4:

Reattach the power strap using the original screw and t-nut.

Congratulations! You now have a strap that secures the boot onto the hoof in a semi-passive fashion that will accommodate the most aggressive types of riding and terrain.

The Pastern Lock with the Fury Heart Boot

The Pastern Lock is a strap accessory for the Fury Heart that maximizes the secure fit of the boot under the most aggressive conditions.

Pastern Lock Materials Provided: Pastern Lock strap and button screw.

Additional Items Needed: You will need only a screwdriver.

Step 1:

Using a screwdriver, remove one t-nut and screw from the boot where the heel sling and front strap connect.


Step 2:

Replace original screw with the button screw. Position the button screw on the outside of the boot (away from the horse), as this is where the Pastern Lock strap will connect to the boot.


Step 3:

Repeat process on the other side for the second connection point of the Pastern Lock strap to the boot. Unscrew the other side and place the Pastern Lock strap under the screw. Then reapply the screw.

Congratulations! You are now finished and can fasten both the Pastern Lock strap and pull straps through the heart piece. This addition to the Fury Heart makes it virtually impossible for the boot to come off when in use.


EasyCare also offers Strap Locks that tightly hold the straps down in mud, water, or grass.

If you need assistance in determining whether these or other accessories are a good option for you, please contact us! The EasyCare Product Specialist Team is here to help.

Submitted by Jordan Junkermann, EasyCare Product Specialist Team Member


  1. It would be very helpful to have this information included in the package with the accessory straps. I’ve just purchased the Fury Slings & Pastern-Y straps but had absolutely no idea how to attach them other than knowing they attached to the power strap.
    Is there some way to determine which hole to use on the Y-strap? Where should the “Y” part sit on the hoof–above, even with, or below the hairline??
    I only found this information/education page from a comment on a Facebook post and even then I had to search the website to find the Blog that was mentioned.

    • Thank you for your suggestion to include this information with the boots. We will take that into consideration.

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