The EasyCare Team recently attended the International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. Not only is the Summit a great way to learn about innovative hoof care products, but it provides many interactive educational opportunities. This year, attendees participated in discussions and got hands-on in the Hoof-Care Classroom.

EasyCare was thrilled to be a part of this educational event. Attendees were able to get hands-on with new and existing EasyCare products, including the new EayShoe Versa Grip Octo. Attendees also enjoyed getting an exclusive look at products in testing! Dan Schroeder, EasyCare’s Hoof Care Practitioner & Veterinarian Dealer Representative, shares more about the Summit.

“What else can I say about the 2023 International Hoof-Care Summit other than, WOW! We had a bigger booth than we normally have, and I’m glad we did. With four of us working in the booth, we were busy almost the entire time. Everyone that came by was asking about products, telling us what they like about the products, and ideas for new products. Answering questions is great, but I love hearing from others how they have used the products and the great success they have had with them. This is also great for all of the people that call in because I pass as much of this information on to everyone that I can. New products were also a BIG hit. We had multiple new products that are in the R&D phase along with some that are brand new ideas that are in development stage. Who doesn’t like new stuff??

Thank you to all who helped put on this wonderful event, Daniel Meegan, who gave his time to help us in the booth, and of course everyone who stopped by to say hello and chat for a while. We sure do appreciate all of our customers.”

Thank you to everyone who stopped by! Keep an eye on our social media to learn about upcoming events and trade shows.


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