No riding lesson should be complete without a lesson in barefoot hoof care. Kids, no matter their age, can help in the process of keeping our horse’s hooves protected and comfortable. The lesson doesn’t have to be complicated, difficult, or lengthy.

For example, a simple explanation about how and why our horse’s feet can sometimes hurt, and how something like this Easyboot Cloud can make them more comfortable, is all it takes. It’s gratifying for kids to see a horse walk around easier immediately after putting on a pair of therapy boots.

The youngest kids might need help holding up the horse’s leg, but the Easyboot Cloud is simple enough to get on and off that they can do that part by themselves.

The more often you have your kids helping you take care of your horses, the more comfortable and competent they will become. Repetition can take your kids from being scared of touching a horse’s hoof at all, to holding it up themselves, picking it out, and putting on an Easyboot.



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