Congratulations, Victoria! You won the photo contest this week!

This is Victoria and her horse, Outlaw, on a 25-mile competitive trail ride on the River to River Trail in the Shawnee National Forest in Illinois.

Victoria says, “It’s been one year since we started our barefoot journey using Easyboot Gloves. One year ago, Outlaw was so lame he could not be ridden.

“Please take a good look at those boots. Two days before the race, it rained cats and dogs. We rode 26.7 miles through a lot of deep mud and rocky terrain, and we never lost a boot.

“I have to say the trim and the boot fit are critical to this kind of achievement, but we did it!”

Thanks for sharing with us, Victoria! 

You, too, can enter to win a coupon for 20% off of your entire order on the EasyCare website just like Victoria did! To be considered, please submit a photo of your horse(s) along with a brief description of the photo and why you love or would like to try EasyCare products. Please send photo submissions to: