Many know that the Easyboot Cloud provides relief for laminitis, but did you know the Cloud has many uses beyond that? Whether your horse is in training, competing, or retired, the Cloud has much to offer for all breeds and disciplines.

Stall Rest Relief

Extended periods of stalling can cause stress to a horse physically and mentally. Whether your horse is recovering from a surgery, minor injury or anything in-between, the Cloud ensures your horse is supported while standing in a stall for long periods of time. The Cloud’s supportive tread and EVA Comfort Pad provides immediate relief to the entire lower leg of the horse. Multiple air vents on the boot ensure that the hoof can breathe inside the boot.


Keep Bandages Secure and Clean

We all know that vet wrap quickly wears through. Next time you need to wrap a hoof for a stone bruise or abscess, try putting a pair of Clouds on top. This will keep your vet wrap secure until it’s time to remove and replace. The Clouds will act as a barrier, keeping the hoof clean from dirt, mud, and moisture.

Comfort on Hard Surfaces

If you frequently travel to horse shows, you know that your horse will do a lot of standing around on hard surfaces. Be sure to pack your Clouds for waiting in between classes or staying overnight at show grounds. We all know that standing on concrete all day is tiring on our legs and feet, so your horse will appreciate some extra cushion and support!


Recovery After Exercise

After a strenuous ride, the Cloud can help your horse recover even after you’ve cooled them down. Similar to wrapping your horse’s legs, using Clouds reduces the strain on the hooves and entire lower leg. The supportive tread reduces peripheral loading of the hoof wall, which spreads weight equally across the entire solar area and reduces stress to the bones inside the hoof capsule. The EVA Comfort Pad conforms to the hoof, providing additional support and increases blood flow.

Support While Trailering

The Easyboot Cloud provides support and shock absorption to the entire hoof and lower leg of the horse. Bumps, twists, and quick stops are inevitable while driving, which can cause physical and mental stress on your horse. The Clouds reduce strain and vibration to the hoof and lower leg so your horse can arrive at the destination feeling refreshed and ready to ride.

Comfort for Chronic Lameness

The comfort and support of the Cloud encourages more movement, ultimately increasing blood flow which encourages healing. We have seen countless situations where a horse experiencing chronic lameness is no longer comfortable to walk independently. With the help of the Cloud, they are able to be turned out and walk again, and in some cases, feel comfortable enough to play in the field! With movement comes healing, and the Cloud can provide that stepping stone to regain comfort and stability again. The Cloud provides relief to horses with laminitis, navicular, thin soles, chronic abscesses, and more.

As you can see, the Cloud has something to offer for all horses and situations. With the comfort and support of the Cloud, your horse will feel better than ever.