Today we celebrate National Day of the Horse! According to the American Horse Council, “the day was established to encourage U.S. citizens to be mindful of the contribution of horses to the economy, history, and character of the United States.”

Here at EasyCare, we strive to provide hoof care solutions so that every horse can live a happy, comfortable life. We offer a wide selection of hoof boots and composite horseshoes to meet the needs of different horses, horse owners, and hoof care professionals. From therapy to performance riding, we have natural hoof care options for all horses.

EasyCare Product Specialist, Jordan.

EasyCare’s Background

Founded in 1970, EasyCare pioneered the first hoof boot marketed to the equine industry. To help reduce pain for a beloved family horse suffering from navicular disease, Dr. Neel Glass designed a comfortable, padded shoe as an alternative to iron shoes. That first “Easyboot” launched a new category in the industry known as the “hoof boot,” with EasyCare setting the pace through an innovative array of products that has expanded into hoof boots and urethane horseshoes for every situation.

Today, our commitment to innovation is stronger than ever. As a company made up of horsemen and horsewomen, we care deeply about our horses and believe in the importance of flexible hoof care solutions that promote the health of a barefoot hoof and the optimum function of the 5 Hearts. It is important to us that we do our part in helping our horses enjoy longer athletic careers.

EasyCare Team enjoying a ride together.

EasyCare’s mission is to improve the well-being of horses by providing the equestrian community with superior service, education and innovative equine products. Today and everyday, our vision is to lead the way to an equine industry revolution in hoof care practices.

EasyCare Product Specialist, Devan.

What does National Day of the Horse mean to you? We encourage you to reflect on your personal experiences and share pictures of your beloved horses using #NationalDayOfTheHorse.

EasyCare team member, Meghan and her horse, Shine.