If you are looking for a glue-on option for your horse, specifically one that can be applied with Super Glue, EasyShoe Stealth Tabs may be a good option for you. Stealth Tabs are easy to apply with Super Glue, can typically be reset, and can withstand muddy turnout conditions. The Stealth Tabs pair well with the EasyShoe Versa Grip Light and can be heat welded to any of the shoes in the Versa Grip lineup. They excel in all disciplines and can be used for therapy purposes.

After trying several different options for her horse, Sarah discovered that the Versa Grip Light with Stealth Tabs is the best option for her OTTB mare, Angel. Sarah shares that even in sloppy, muddy East Coast conditions, the Stealth Tabs with Super Glue hold strong.

Here’s an inside look at how the Stealth Tabs have helped Angel.

“Angel is a 10 year old OTTB, Pennsylvania bred and raced. She has very dainty hooves, with thin soles, prone to caudal failure and NPA. Her walls are also thin, and she has experienced white line separation, particularly in the quarters. I was finding with shoes that are nailed on, whether urethane or steel, that her hoof wall was losing integrity. So, I had heard about your new application using Super Glue and was really intrigued.

Since using the Super Glue application, her hoof wall integrity has improved, her caudal hoof has maintained and I hope to see improvement in her heels in the coming months! I love how instantaneous the bond is, especially when using Insta-Set Accelerator! Very helpful when you have an energetic horse who isn’t keen on holding her hooves up for long!

The best part of using the Versa Grip Lights with the Stealth Tabs is how comfortable she is in them!”
Take a look at how Sarah reset her Versa Grip Light + Stealth Tabs for another trim cycle.

Nice work, Sarah! We are so glad that Angel is happy and comfortable in her new shoes.

Are you looking for a new glue-on shoe but don’t know where to start? Compare and contrast our tab options to get started.