Written by EasyCare Product Specialist, Kat Tarnowski

The Easyboot Epic is the ideal boot for tough, aggressive conditions or for a horse that is difficult to keep booted. The cable/buckle system helps secure the boot in extreme conditions such as mud, snow and water crossings. It also helps the boot stay snug to fit a variety of hoof shapes.

If you own a pair of Easyboot Epics and are looking to adjust the cable for a snugger or looser fit, follow these steps to change the cable.

How to Tighten the Cable on the Easyboot Epic

Photo 1: This is how your Epic should look when closed.

Photo 2: Remove cable from teeth on buckle.

Photo 3: Pull cables out from between round pieces of buckle.

Please follow steps 1-3 to loosen the cable. To tighten the cable, please continue steps 4-7.

Photo 4: Take cable from right side and pull it around left round piece. You may need to work the cable through the side of the boot a bit to achieve this.

Photo 5: Take cable from left side and pull it around right round piece. Again, may need to work the cable through the side of the boot.

Photo 6: Lift up buckle and place cable in which ever tooth you would like; the notch closest to the end of the buckle will make it tighter.

Photo 7: Close buckle. Here’s what finished result should look like.

With these simple steps, you can quickly tighten or loosen the Epic cable for a custom fit. Happy trails!