Here at EasyCare, we strive to provide a wide variety of hoof care options to meet the needs of many horses. We offer several composite horseshoes that can be nailed, glued, or both. When it comes to glue-on horseshoes, we offer 4 different tabs/cuffs that can be welded onto our EasyShoes: 11 Finger Tabs, Sticky Finger Tabs, Stealth Tabs, and EasyTabs.

You may be thinking, “I want to try a glue-on horseshoe, but how do I know which tab to choose?” For many, the answer comes down to personal preference. For some, choosing a tab will depend on the horse and hoof shape. Compare and contrast our tab options to determine which may be best for you and your horse.

11 Finger Tabs

The 11 Finger Tabs are a versatile tab option. 11 Finger Tabs come in black and clear to match different hoof colors. As the name implies, 11 Finger Tabs has 11 fingers that can be glued to the hoof wall. The tabs can easily be cut out and modified to better suit the hoof shape. Often times, 8 tabs (4 on each side) works very well. Simply cut the tabs with scissors to adjust. You can also trim the length of the tabs. The 11 Finger Tabs can be heat welded to any of the urethane shoes in the Versa Grip lineup. Once welded, the tabs can be applied to the hoof wall using EasyShoe Super Glue.

Note: The EasyShoe Versa Grip Octo comes with 8 integrated finger tabs. In some cases, the 11 Finger Tabs can also act as replacement tabs if you are resetting the Versa Grip Octo.

11 Finger Tabs (black) welded on the Versa Grip Light.
11 Finger Tabs (clear) welded on the Versa Grip Light.

Sticky Finger Tabs

Another option is Sticky Finger Tabs. Sticky Finger Tabs are sold in pairs, or 6 fingers total. They are available in black. The Sticky Finger Tabs are similar to 11 Finger Tabs in the heat welding process and application process. Both tabs are applied to the hoof wall using Super Glue. The main difference between these two tabs is the shape. Sticky Finger Tabs are wider than the finger tabs and have an irregular shape, covering more surface area on the hoof wall. Depending on the shape of the hoof, the Sticky Finger Tabs may lay better on the hoof wall.

Sticky Finger Tabs welded on the Versa Grip Light.
Sticky Finger Tabs on all four hooves.

Stealth Tabs

Rather than having “finger tabs”, Stealth Tabs offer a full coverage cuff. Stealth Tabs are sold in pairs (two cuffs) and come in clear urethane. Stealth Tabs are virtually invisible, hence its name. This tab system is also applied with Super Glue. The Stealth is ideal for uniform hoof walls (minimal cracks and flaring). These tabs will require a very close fit and no gapping, as Super Glue is a thinner glue. If your horse checks these boxes, the Stealth Tab may be a great option for you.

Stealth Tabs welded on the Versa Grip Light.

EasyShoe EasyTabs

Last but not least, we have EasyShoe EasyTabs. EasyTabs are applied with an acrylic glue such as EasyShoe Bond Glue. The integrated holes are designed specifically for glue tips and allow a quick and easy gluing process. If your horse has any type of deviation in the hoof wall such as cracks or flaring, EasyTabs may be best for you. Acrylic glue will fill any void between the hoof wall and cuff, creating a seamless fit. These tabs are ideal for hoof rehabilitation situations as well as performance.

Note: The EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue comes with integrated EasyTabs. EasyTabs can act as replacement tabs when resetting the Versa Grip Glue. Simply weld a fresh pair of EasyTabs to get more use out of the shoe.

Applying the EasyTabs using acrylic glue.
EasyTabs on the Versa Grip Light.

How are they similar?

Now that you have seen the differences between our 4 tab options, you may be wondering how they are similar to each other. Here are a few things to note.

We hope these similarities and differences help you determine which tab option is best for you and your horse. Happy gluing!