What are hoof care professionals saying about the new EasyShoe Versa Grip Octo? Kristen Gonyaw shares her initial impressions after the first application.

“I was truly impressed how simple the process was for applying this shoe. I love that the horse can stand while gluing the tabs. This would take a lot of strain off a horse who has a hard time picking their feet up for longer periods of time, not to mention making it easier on the farrier too. I am very excited to see them thriving in our wet, east coast conditions and I am absolutely looking forward to using them again in the future!”

After holding strong for 11 weeks, Kristen removed and reset this pair of Octos. Here’s what she has to say about the process.

“Y’all we made it to 11 WEEKS but I finally pulled the plug and removed these bad boys. Primarily because my pony was long overdue for a trim but also because I honestly didn’t know if they’d ever truly come off on their own.
For those of you wondering about how these shoes will work on a horse who overreaches – Klu is your guy. We have made good progress on his underrun heals over the years but the breakover isn’t always perfect. Towards the tail end of this shoe cycle he must have caught the back of the Octo with a hind foot, separating the shoe from the rear tabs completely. A week or so later, the same thing happened on the other front. Surely these shoes were WELL beyond their normal 6-8 week cycle but my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to see how long these would survive while only down to 6 tabs per shoe.

The end result? They still won’t come off!

I am beyond impressed with this product and absolutely love that even with a few separated tabs the shoe still stayed on perfectly without any hoof wall damage from leveraging. The Octo performed exactly how I would have wanted it to in that situation and the glue bond was still strong enough that the tabs stayed put. They are so easy to remove – use your nippers to separate the top of the tab and peel it down. Feet looked fantastic.

Super Glue for the win!!!”