For many of us, show season has just begun or will be starting very soon! If you and your horse compete, EasyCare has hoof protection options for every horse and every discipline. With these product picks, your horse will feel their best and put their best foot forward in the arena.

Easyboot Cloud

For many disciplines, competitions involve trailering to and from different venues, long days standing around on hard surfaces, and stabling on show grounds. If this sounds like you, your horse will greatly benefit from the comfort of the Easyboot Cloud. The Cloud is a therapy hoof boot that offers instant and ongoing relief to the hoof and lower leg. The supportive tread provides stability while trailering and helps distribute weight evenly across the solar area. The EVA Comfort Pad will help your horse stay comfortable on hard surfaces, increasing blood flow and reducing swelling. Better yet, the back completely folds down, making application and removal a breeze. If you are heading to horse shows this spring, be sure to have your Cloud boots on hand!

Barrel Racing World Champion, Jordon Briggs, loves using the Clouds on her 2021 Barrel Horse of the Year, Famous Lil Jet aka Rollo. Jordon shares that she “loves the Cloud boots and uses them on all of her horses.”

Easyboot Ultimate Remedy

Every athlete can benefit from ice therapy. After a strenuous ride, the Easyboot Ultimate Remedy will help reduce recovery time and minimize inflammation. Simply add water and ice and let your horse enjoy the overall cooling effect, as well as reduced inflammation and a quicker recovery. The Remedy is made from flexible rubber that is 100% waterproof and water resistant, so no need to worry about soggy boots!

Humans love using this boot as well! Nothing like some ice therapy after a long day of barn work or riding.

Easyboot Glove Soft

Now that your horse is comfortable, let’s talk performance products. If you enjoy the benefits of a barefoot horse but need some extra protection and traction while competing, the Easyboot Glove Soft is a great option for you. The Glove Soft is a slim-fitting hoof boot that fits like a glove. The Glove Soft provides great traction over rocky terrain and even in the arena. Add some Quick Studs for use in slippery grass for best results. We have seen the Glove Soft excel in endurance riding, eventing, and the jumpers!

Cross country in the Easyboot Glove Soft.
Easyboot Glove Soft in the jumper ring.

EasyShoe Performance

The EasyShoe Performance is a popular choice among show jumpers, barrel racers, and more. The unique design maintains support on and around the frog without hampering heel expansion and contraction. The integrated frog support allows independent movement of the heels, which allows the hoof to expand laterally and vertically with each footfall.

International show jumper, Aude, has been using the EasyShoe Performance on her show jumpers for over 2 years. Her favorite features include “the flexibility and independent movement of the heels for jumping.”

EasyShoe Versa Grip

The EasyShoe Versa Grip lineup puts the “versa” in “versatile”. The Versa Grip shoes excel in all disciplines, making them a great choice for show season. The EasyShoe Versa Grip & Versa Grip with Studs includes a metal insert for more rigidity under the hoof. The Versa Grip with Studs comes with threaded inserts for optional 3/8 studs, making it a great choice for eventers.


EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue

Similarly to the Versa Grip, the Versa Grip Glue is a great option for show jumping, eventing, barrel racing, and more! The Versa Grip Glue is a full urethane shoe that provides maximum flexibility and a lightweight design. The integrated EasyTabs applied with acrylic glue work well with a variety of hoof wall shapes, making it a nice option for many different horses.

Versa Grip Glue in the dressage arena.
Versa Grip Glue jumping.
Versa Grip Glue barrel racing.

EasyShoe Versa Grip Octo

The Versa Grip Octo is very similar to the Versa Grip Glue, but is applied with Super Glue instead of acrylic glue. The Octo has integrated finger tabs that work well with a more uniform hoof wall. Both of these shoes excel in all disciplines and make an excellent choice for show season. The Octo’s clear finger tabs make it virtually invisible in the arena!

Versa Grip Octo running barrels.
Customized Octos in the arena.

These are just a few of the many products that can help your horse this season. We offer many products for your show horses, pleasure horses, and therapy products when your horse needs to relax and recover. As always, we recommend checking the rules and regulations of your association for approved tack and hoof wear. If you need help picking a product for your horse, visit us online or contact us!