The EasyCare Team
The EasyCare Team

2019 has arrived and I’m setting goals, not just for myself, but for EasyCare. Since it’s easy to get carried away with a long overwhelming list, I’m keeping it simple this year with just 3 goals.

The first goal is to continue our mission of helping horses by introducing two new hoof boot product lines. The Easyboot Fury line will consist of three different models, of which two will be adjustable in both hoof length and heel height. They’re all lightweight and free of fabric, hook and loop systems, and cables. I think the Fury line has tested better than any hoof boot model we’ve introduced in 49 years.

The other new hoof boot will be called the Easyboot Sneaker. We’re still making design improvements and putting it through rigorous testing, but I can tell you it will feature a unique rubber sole – a perfect fit for our Pleasure category.

The second goal for 2019 is to provide better service and systems for you, our customers. We’ve invested heavily to streamline our back-end systems and improve our shipping processes with a new third-party logistics partner. We had a few hiccups at the end of 2018, but we’re now able to fulfill orders 6 days per week.

We’ve also simplified our product returns policy with the new EasyCare Guarantee. It’s a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like it – send it back!

The third goal is to reward our hardworking team with a gift that many of us could use more of – the gift of time. To support the work/life balance of our employees, we’re trying out a 4-day workweek where EasyCare compensates its employees as if they worked a full 5 days. Those four days will be very busy 8-hour days. It’s a very different model from most workplaces, but I believe that we can provide the same great service to our customers and be a company that rewards its team for their hard work with time off for family, friends and doing what they love. We want to be a place that attracts and keeps exceptional talent.

What does this mean for you? The best of both worlds – personal service and faster shipments. EasyCare’s Product Specialists will be available via phone and email from Monday through Thursday. Our new logistics partner will process orders placed on our website Friday and Saturday.

Here’s to a new year with healthy horses, grinning customers and happy team members!


  1. Happy New Year to ALL Easy Care people!
    I wanted to comment on the Gift of time for the employees. My husband, Grant Balmer, was the owner/operator of a ski tuning shop in Whistler fo 27 years and he had his employees working a 4 day week with staggered days throughout the 7 day week. He said it worked very, very well with all hours covered and no loss of service! And his employees were happy happy! Skiing through the week came around to everyone sooner or later. They were thankful to not always having to ski with the ‘weekend warriors’!!

  2. Without your hoof boots, my quarter horse have no chance to be alive. We hope healing her terrible hoofs. Thank you for this chance. Rx, Transition, Cloud and Stratus helps her in each situation.

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