Written by EasyCare Customer, Elizabeth S.

Every time I apply this pair of Versa Grip Glues, I hear Forrest Gump in my head “Mama said they’d take me anywhere. She said they was my magic shoes.”  After more than 300 competitive miles and 7 resets on two different horses, you’d think they’d be worn thin, but I’m convinced they’ve got at least a few more resets out of them.

I purchased the Versa Grip Glue when it first came out, and two of my endurance horses happen to be the same size. They’ve conquered rock, sand, mud and everything in between in the central and southeast regions for the last couple of years. They were most recently sported by my gelding Caspian at Yellowhammer endurance ride for 2 days of fast Top 10 completions in the mountains.

Getting the shoes ready become second nature to me. I keep a basket with all of my tools which include a palm sander, a Dremel tool, and a drill to redo the holes. I go and sit on my back porch and I get them sanded down till I can see where the original holes were then I drill those and clean up the inside with my Dremel.

I have tried many different types of glue, but the EasyShoe Adhesive is by far my favorite! I used half the amount of glue I use with others without compromising coverage.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for our magic shoes!

Shoes after 7 resets.


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