Winter is here, which for many parts of the world, means ice, snow, and lots of mud. But don’t worry, riding and exercising your horse doesn’t need to come to a halt! We offer several hoof boots and composite horseshoes designed to take on slick conditions. Take a look at our recommendations for a safe, secure ride this winter.

We are frequently asked if you can still glue EasyShoes in the winter. The answer is yes! The key to success is thorough hoof preparation. As you can imagine, hoof preparation is crucial when the hoof is exposed to excessive moisture out in the field. Before you glue, bring your horse to a clean, dry place, such as a barn or run-in shed. This is the method we find to be most successful.

Additionally, it helps if you can keep the glue and shoes warm. You can try leaving them in a heated tack room until it’s time to glue or use a heating pad to warm them. Glue will cure slower in colder temperatures, so you may want to give the plastic wrap a few extra minutes.

Here are the best products for winter riding and turnout.

EasyShoe Versa Grip Line

Any of the shoes in the Versa Grip line up are a great choice for winter riding. We offer nail-on and glue-on options, all of which can be used in the snow. The Versa Grip Octo is a popular glue-on choice. As mentioned above, you can successfully glue in the winter, it may just take a few extra minutes to prep and apply.

Versa Grip Light + heat welded Stealth Tabs.
Mud, packed snow, and all.

Versa Grip Plug

Who hates picking snowballs from your horse’s hooves? If you use one of the Versa Grip shoes, the Versa Grip Plug will be your best friend! The Plug attaches to the bottom of any of the shoes in the Versa Grip line. The Plug prevents snow, ice, and mud from balling up under the hoof. You can attach the Plug using Super Glue, screws, or heat welding. While not necessary for riding in the winter, it can be a helpful accessory to save time picking out snow and ice.

EasyCare Quick Studs

If you are riding in snowy or icy conditions, we recommend adding EasyCare Quick Studs. The studs can be easily applied using a drill and application tool. You can customize the placement of the studs and apply as few or as many as you’d like. While not a requirement, the Quick Studs will give you better traction in slick conditions.

Note: You can apply Quick Studs to our hoof boots as well!

Easyboot Pleasure Line

If your horse is barefoot, you can utilize Easyboots for extra traction in the winter. For pleasure and trail riding, you can’t go wrong with any of the boots in our Pleasure Line. These boots also double for turnout. The Easyboot Trail, Old Mac’s G2, and Back Country are popular choices for winter riding and turnout.

Similarly to EasyShoes, we recommend adding Quick Studs to your Easyboots. This will help you on icy roads or slick trails.

Old Mac’s G2 with EasyCare Quick Studs.
Old Mac’s G2 after a snowy ride.
The Easyboot Trail Original works well on icy roads.

Easyboot Performance Line

If you plan on riding daily throughout the winter, tackling rough trails and riding at faster speeds, one of the Performance hoof boots may be best for you. These boots fit very snug and secure, making them a great choice for deep mud as well. These boots are designed for riding only, not turnout. The Easyboot Glove Soft and Easyboot Epic are popular choices for winter riding.

Easyboot Epic with Studs.
The Epic is great for mule hooves, too!
Easyboot Glove Soft in action.

Quick Studs are useful for Performance Boots as well. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to add studs for winter riding.

The Epic and Glove Soft are great for deep mud, too!

Winter can be tough for horse owners and riders, but with the right hoof protection, you can continue to ride and make the most of the season.