Written by EasyCare HCP, Sara Hathaway of 4 Hooves Hoof Care, LLC 

This is Copper, the best communicator ever with particular hoof care preferences.

He loves the EasyShoe Performance, so much so that he has refused to walk out of the cross ties normally with multiple other styles of glue-on shoes!

Keeping him in consistent work this summer became a challenge when we started experiencing shoe retention issues. My glue was setting extremely fast in the summer heat resulting in a weaker bond, combined with the small surface area of the performance cuff meant less than normal stay power of the shoes.

So I decided to try a “hybrid” shoe with welded Versa Grip Glue cuffs (EasyTabs) on an EasyShoe Performance base. It gave him the Performance he loves with a stronger, larger glue application area.  

The hybrid shoe proved successful with Copper’s seal of approval as he and his owner, Meg Bowers, danced their way to a USDF Bronze Medal in October!

We love the versatility and creative ways we can customize EasyCare’s shoe offering!