Handy Single Hole PunchHere is a tip from professional barefoot trimmer Leslie Carrig of High Desert Hoof Care located in Gardnerville, NV.  Leslie, who has been featured as an EasyCare Dealer of the month carries an extensive inventory of  EasyCare boots, hoof pads and accessories. Leslie knows that time is money and when it comes to attaching gaiters to Glue-Ons the task can be made quick and easy with this handy tool.  Leslie says this spring punch she bought to punch holes in the EasyCare Glue-On boot is awesome!  The punch cuts cleanly and easily and the cool part is the punch itself is replaceable.  Leslie recommends the #8 punch and feels it is just the ticket for adding an EasyCare Glove Gaiter to a Glue-On shell. Leslie notes that most regular hole punches go up to a size #7 hole, just a little too small to get the gold T-nut to sit well into the  hoof boot.  Thank you Leslie for sharing this tip.  If you are a professional trimmer and have a tip you’d like to share with us please send photos and information to dschwiebert@easycareinc.com.