As an endurance rider, I spend countless hours in the saddle conditioning horses to get them in shape for races. At races I have gotten to see some of the most beautiful places that I probably would never have seen, and I get to do it all on the back of a horse.

However, some of the best times have been spent with friends getting horses ready for those races. A few weeks ago, I took two horse to Warner Springs, California and trained with friends for the Warner Springs Endurance Ride.
Horses running wild
7 of us saddled up our horses and took off through the beautiful scenery to enjoy our horses, the trails, and each others company. 3 horse wore Easyboot Gloves, 2 wore iron horse shoes and 2 others were completely barefoot with nothing but a natural hoof trimming.

We rode to a beautiful rock out in a cow pasture in the shape of an eagle with its wings spread open.
Eagle Rock
We also rode through horse pastures. These horses aren’t wild but to see them run freely as a heard was truly incredible and you get a sense of freedom as they run around together.

These are the moments that we live for as people who ride trails, and to do it as naturally as possible is as incredible as seeing those horse run wild.

Posted by Miriam Rezine