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There are more than ten years’ worth of posts on almost every angle of horses’ hooves and hoof boots here in our blog. That’s a lot of content to go through. Here’s a small selection of posts that answer some of the questions we’re asked most frequently.

Q: What’s the difference between the Easyboot Trail Original and the Easyboot Trail?

A: Read “To Trail or to New Trail, That is the Question” here for a thorough comparison and helpful pictures. 



Q: Which therapy boot would work best for my horse?

A: Read “Which Therapy Boot is Right for You?” here for helpful comparisons and descriptions.


Q: Which Easyboots can support hoof boot studs? How do I apply them?

A: You can apply our Hoof Boot Studs or Quick Studs to all of our Easyboot styles! Read “How to Add Ice Studs to Your Easyboot” here for step-by-step instructions and pictures of studs being applied to an Easyboot Cloud.



Q: What accessories do I need for my Easyboot Fury?

A: None of the Fury accessories are essential- the boot comes with everything necessary to use it successfully. However, if you are interested in applying the Y Strap to the Fury Sling or the Pastern Lock strap to the Fury Heart, read “Benefits of the NEW Easyboot Fury Accessory Straps” for step-by-step instructions and photos.




Q: Does EasyCare repair Easyboots?

A: EasyCare does not have a repairs department. Read “Repair or Replace?” here for some helpful tips and tricks, and don’t forget about our YouTube channel where you can find instructional videos on many common repair questions. As one example, this video on replacing the cable on an Easyboot Epic is often requested.


Do you have a question that you can’t find answered on our website, blog, or YouTube channel? We want to help! Comment below with your question and we’ll do our best to create a new post or video that will answer your question.


  1. I just purchased the easy boot trail. Am I able to keep these on my horse long term. For example while turned out. I know you are to gradually ease them into these but wanted to check.

    • Yes, the Easyboot Trail works well as a turnout boot. In general, we don’t recommend more than 12 hours of wear at a time, though. If you do need to leave them on for longer periods of time, we recommend taking them off at least once per day to make sure they are free of debris, staying dry, and are not causing any rubbing or skin irritation.

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