The Easyboot LC (Love Child) is a hybrid hoof boot/horseshoe. It combines features of the Easyboot Glue-On and EasyShoe Performance. Unlike a removable hoof boot, the Easyboot LC can stay on for a full trim cycle. It is applied to the hoof using acrylic or urethane glue, similarly to a glue-on horseshoe. The keyhole design allows for independent heel movement both horizontally and vertically with each foot fall, and the flexible rubber insole supports natural heel growth and expansion over time. The LC is ideal for performance riding and therapy purposes.EasyCare customer Keyanna applied the Easyboot LC to a client horse who was struggling to stay sound in steel shoes. After battling lameness for many years, the Easyboot LC has allowed Ace to live a happy, comfortable life. Keyanna shares:

“I just wanted to send a quick note about the Easyboot Love Child. I’m so happy I could cry! A client’s horse, Ace, is a rescue who was a nurse mare foal, and had some really bad feet his entire life… On and off sound, lightly sore most of the time… battled some weight issues from not being able to exercise much which made the feet worse. We tried a bunch of metal shoes, different barefoot techniques, all the things…

I suggested the Easyboot LC as a last ditch effort, as the horse was so sore he wasn’t even what I considered to be ‘pasture sound’ or comfortable. We put these on right after receiving about 2 weeks ago, and yesterday he was trotting around on the lunge doing a big stretch, moving freely and forward, with a look of such relief in his eyes.

These were a life saver! We are putting another pair on order to have so he can stay in them. I’ve known this horse a year and he has never moved so well.”

Ace’s floaty trot says it all! We love hearing success stories like this! Thank you for sharing, Keyanna!