Written by EasyCare HCP/Vet Dealer Representative, Dan Schroeder

At the beginning of August, EasyCare was able to return to Alaska to put on three different clinics. Even though it was an extremely busy trip, I have to say that we always have outstanding clinics when we are there. I would like to give a special thank you to all that were involved with helping to get these events come to realization. If it wasn’t for all your hard work, these trips would not be possible. Thank you very much.

Day 1: Practical EasyCare Applications for Farriers

The clinic began on Friday in Palmer, Alaska where we had the use of the Arctic Equine and Livestock Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Cherise Neu, and the outstanding staff. We assessed 12 different horses for lameness and physiological needs and discussed what would be a good option for shoeing with the owners and farriers. We assessed the horses in motion, at rest, x-rays, and physical traits of the hoof and body, while using all the information given to us by the horse to come up with a custom application for each individual.  We discussed the Versa Grip Glue for many of the horses along with the different nail-on shoes. With nail and glue options, along with all the different ways to modify the Versa Grip shoes, they were a great option. The ability to modify the Versa Grip shoe is a key feature that makes it an ideal hoof care solution.

This forum created an atmosphere of comradery amongst the attendees with the ultimate goal being to learn different materials and applications to achieve a happier, sounder horse. EasyCare products discussed and used that day were the Easyboot Cloud, Easyboot Remedy, Versa Grip, Versa Grip Gold, Versa Grip Glue, and the Versa Grip Octo. One of the advantages of the EasyCare line is that we carry the largest assortment of products to help address a wide array of soundness issues, or the different terrain and environmental challenges they may be subject to. EasyCare’s many options offer versatility in achieving the optimum comfort for your horse. Since the clinic, we have received positive feedback from the clients about the comfort of the horses fitted for solutions on clinic day.

Day 2: Discussion and Classroom Learning for Farriers and Horse Owners

Saturday was the second day of the clinic. We had owners and farriers in attendance including owners that were looking for new ideas, and some looking for some advice on the best applications of EasyCare products for their equine companions. There were plenty of questions and comments about the wide variety of hoof care solutions presented. Many of the attendees offered up their personal experiences using boots and shoes to help others see how they were using them and how well they were working.

Day 3: Discussion and Hands-On Learning in Fairbanks

After the 2-day clinic in Palmer, we had a long trip up to Fairbanks. The trip was absolutely gorgeous traveling through Denali National Park, all different types of landscape from forest and rivers to hills and mountains.

Day 3 welcomed two different veterinarians, Dr. Neu, and Dr. Annette Llanes. Alaska is very lucky to have two wonderful veterinarians willing to share their expertise and to also be invested in learning new ideas and procedures to help their clients. Cast Iron Farrier Service, Jesse Reese, was leading the charge for this clinic. She did a great job getting everything set up at 4 Woods Equestrian. Thank you Anjeanette Wood for allowing us to hold the events of the day.

Again, we assessed a large group of horses examining them as we did in Palmer a few days before. Talking about different options for achieving a level of comfort for each horse. With many different owners and farriers in attendance, there were plenty of questions asked and horses that got different shoes applied. Everyone got to see and talk about many of the options that EasyCare has to accomplish what the horse is looking for to perform at their best.

These clinics were a huge success and I am very happy to have been given this opportunity. Since our return, we have taken many phone calls answering questions about the clinic and the topics of discussion. While there, many people offered up thanks to us for coming such a long distance, and wanted to know when we will be returning for another visit. Alaska is an absolutely beautiful landscape with some of the nicest people I have met.

Once again, we would like to thank  Dr. Cherise Neu, Deanna Quinn, the staff at Arctic Equine, Dr. Chloe Gates, Christian McCormick, Dr. Annette Llanes, Jesse Reese, Anjeanette Wood, 4 Woods Equestrian, and all of the attendees for making us feel welcome and for hosting a phenomenal event. EasyCare and I are honored to be invited to present you with our products and insights for all of your equine friends.