Q: How do I know which style of Versa I should choose for my horse?

A: Every horse is unique and what works for one may not work for all, but we do have a few different options. The Versa and Versa Grip provide rigid support in the front half of the shoe due to the steel insert, but the rear of the shoe maintains its flexibility. The Versa Grip Gold has independent nailing plates for increased shoe flexibility, but still provides the rigid support at the quarters. The Versa Grip Light offers the most flexibility as it contains no metal. If you need additional traction and want to add studs to the shoe, you should consider the Versa Grip with Studs. This shoe has threaded inserts that make it easy to apply studs.

Q: Why are the Versas so thick?

A: The thick tread allows the Versas to be reset multiple times. The shoes can also be ground down to create a slight wedge, if needed.

Q: I have a horse with very flat soles. Can the debris guard be cut down or rasped off?

A: The debris guard is flexible and shouldn’t interfere with the sole of the hoof, but if you are concerned, you can certainly cut or rasp the debris guard.

Q: Can you nail on the Versa Grip Light?

A: Yes, the Versa Grip Light can be nailed or glued on. If you are planning to nail them on, you don’t have to pre-drill the nail holes. Try using a magic marker to trace the white line of your horse’s hoof. Place the shoe on the hoof and look for the black marker on the white line through the nail hole to determine where to drive the nail. This method works well, and it reduces the concussion of nailing.

Q: I’m interested in nailing on the Versa Grip Lights, but have concerns about how the shoe holds the nails since there is no metal?

A: The nail head holds the shoe on. Without a metal insert, it is possible for the nail to eventually pull through the shoe, leaving the nail in the foot when the shoe comes off. This doesn’t happen often, but it is possible. The metal insert in our other Versa styles does prevent the nail from pulling through the shoe, but many of our customers continue to successfully nail on the Versa Grip Light.

Q: What if the shoe is adding pressure to the hoof in a sensitive area?

A: If you find that this is happening, we recommend using a grinder to reduce the foot surface of the shoe to reduce pressure in the sensitive area. This will allow for a more passive pressure point on that spot.

Q: What if my horse doesn’t need or like the frog support of the Versas?

A:  The frog support can be modified in any way that will make it more comfortable and useful for your horse. You can certainly cut it out completely to create an open-heel shoe.