Have you ever considered trying EasyCare’s Ultimate Ultra Stirrups? EasyCare customer, Laura, shares about her experiences with them below. Thanks for sharing with us, Laura!

I’m a long distance rider. Endurance is my sport. I have been riding mountainous trails for 50 years. I do not take mine or my horse’s comfort lightly. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of different combinations of tack and accessories. When I look at all my gear and the items that I use constantly, it’s EasyCare.

The E-Z ride Ultimate Ultra Stirrups were a game-changer for me when I switched to them. I now have them on all of my saddles. I can’t speak highly enough of the E-Z ride Ultimate Ultra Stirrups. They are worth every penny. When I spend all day in the saddle, at a fast pace in rough terrain, protecting my feet, legs, and hips is a priority. The stirrups are secure, comfortable, and balanced. I never worry about losing my stirrup and not being able to catch it again. My body sincerely thanks you.

I also like to carry an Easyboot with me on long rides. I have been 20 miles out and lost a shoe. I’ve been able to put on an Easyboot and make it back to camp with the boot still on my horse and in great condition.

Thank you EasyCare for the quality products that you make. You’ve allowed me enjoy my sport with confidence and comfort!