EasyCare is proud to partner with some of the largest, most respected, equine care companies in the world. We want to highlight one of our partners here. 

Oldfields School, established in 1867, is a small, independent, school for girls in grades eight through twelve. The school is located on 140 acres in Baltimore County, Maryland. An integral part of the Oldfields experience is the riding program.

This program is dedicated to inspiring the students to pursue a path of continued growth. The students are taught to value the character of the horse and the integrity of the sport, to honor the path of the individual, and to savor the process of learning and the lessons discovered from our relationships with horses.

Oldfields Riding Program provides excellent care for their beloved horses, many of which are donated to the school after previous careers.

Ann Thal, Associate Director of Riding for Student Development, shares her firsthand experience using Easyboots and EasyShoes to enhance the health and comfort of their horses.

The Oldfields Riding Program accepts donation horses for our students to learn and grow with. Many of our horses have injuries that prevent them from competing at their prior level. At Oldfields, these horses are able to enjoy lower-level jobs and receive top care.

We found EasyCare products when we accepted a horse that was lame from conventional glue-on shoes. We decided to explore options that would help with concussion AND have exterior glue, NOT sole glue. Thanks to the EasyShoe Performance, that horse is now sound and performing well.

After that success, we decided to try the EasyShoe Performance on another horse who was bucking on the landing of the jump. The shoe immediately helped him land with more “spring” and he has done very well, winning 5 classes at our last show.

We also have a jumper, Fessur de Bognar, aka ‘Fezzy’, who is currently competing in the Easyboot Glove Soft. He had previously been an FEI-level jumper and was having soundness issues in steel shoes. Thanks to the Glove Soft, he is back to competing at the 1.10 and is sound and happy.

We are so delighted to see our beloved horses sound and performing well. The weight of the shoe is fabulous for our really good-moving hunters, as well. Thank you, EasyCare, for all of your help and support!

Thank you to Oldfields School for sharing your story! We value your support and partnership. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.