Written by EasyCare Customer, John Stevens

I have been using the Versa Grip Light with welded 11 Finger Tabs and the Versa Grip Octo for a couple of years now. I can honestly say that there is no other horseshoe option on the market today that I would rather use on any of my horses. These have proven more versatile and rugged than anything I’ve ever used in the past. They have greatly improved my ability to rehab horses with special hoof care needs and keep horses with good quality hooves healthy.

Octos after riding over 100 miles at Tevis Cup.

The million dollar question out amongst the composite shoe community seems to be, how can Super Glue hold a horseshoe on? Let me tell you, it works! The key to success here is a properly fitted shoe on a properly prepared hoof. I just finished the Tevis Cup using the Versa Grip Octo held on by Super Glue. My stallion Boomer is a 1150 lb beast who does not travel softly. He put them to the test, riding over 100 miles in one day over rugged terrain, and they passed with flying colors. I am happy to share with anyone who would like our process for application with anyone who is interested.