Submitted by Ashley Gasky, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

I ordered a pair of the new Easyboot Clouds, and was so thrilled to have them. They are light, yet sturdy with plenty of “squish” for tender tootsies. The EVA comfort pads are stellar. I immediately ordered extra pads to use under the supporting limb while I have the opposite hoof in the air. The horses love it, and are happier to stand quietly, thus my body is happier too.

Shortly after getting my hands on a pair of Clouds, I found an opportunity to use them. A Thoroughbred gelding who hadn’t been sound in steel shoes and was even less comfortable barefoot. Unfortunately, it would be several weeks before my busy schedule would allow me to attend to his sore feet.

Looking at his stance its easy to see his discomfort. Looking at the soles of his feet, you can see why. Poor guy has flat feet with very prominent frogs.

Easyboot Clouds to the rescue! In his Clouds this handsome guy was striding confidently around the pasture. His owner said he was comfortable on all terrain, and was happy with how the boots held up in group turnout.

Happily, I was able to help him out with a more permanent therapeutic option: EasyShoe Performance with SHUFILL Impression Material and EasyShoe Bond. (The techniques I used are similar to those portrayed here.)

Standing comfortably, happy horse!

Comfortably shod, he is ready to hit the trails with his devoted owner. I’m thankful for EasyCare for creating the Cloud to help horses, and also to help hoof care professionals like me be successful!